Monday, April 09, 2007

An Apology

Having grown up as the fat kid from "the other side of the tracks" with the younger brother who was a slow learner, I had to take a lot of bullying. I hated it and my father never let me defend myself. It gave me character- whatever the heck that means. It should have also taught me to consider other peoples feelings.

I have failed somewhat in the past week or so. You might ask how and I will tell you that I have used this blog and one of the forums I post on to lead(what I now believe) an unfair attack on the forum poster known as "JimOhio".

Jim has a thriving CPA business in Medina, and especially this time of year uses the forums to blow off steam, and created a persona based on his love of talk radio. He's also like most of the baby boomers who post on the television board and does lots of reliving of the seventies. as I have said before he personifies the saying that the word fan is short for fanatic.

Anyway my part in the attack was very unfair and I want to use my blog for the right thing and apologize.


Gohmann said...

I agree whole heartedly WIXY.

The beauty of Jim is that he is so abrasive. All he really has become is a normal radio listener who is just a little bit more passionate than most.

I hope he makes a return to the forums soon.


Mike Dane said...

Well you must have more information
than I have because I say Baloney!
He got what he deserved as far as
I'm concerned..

Mike Dane

74WIXYgrad said...


Perhaps, in alot of folks minds, Jim did get what he deserved, and in his e-mails to me he enjoyed some of the barbs he got from others, but the fact that I stepped out of character to launch an assult on him and got my forum name revoked is one thing I regret. Using the forums to give out clues of personal information is also something I should have never done. I freely give out my own personal info, but that also serves as a checks and balance system to assure I behave myself when I post my thoughts, but I shouldn't run the possibility of endangering others just because I don't like the way they express themselves. I also don't want others who have trusted me with some personal information to have any reason to regret that trust.

Tim Lones said...

While I, for the most part believe Jum got what he desrved, I completely respect and understand your stand now. My thought:IF they let Jim back, he needs to tone down some of the rhetoric..Even if it is "an act"..I just think Jim went way too far in some of his postings..


WZZP said...

I think Jim could start out making amends by apologizing to OMW. This would be a great gesture on his behalf.

Mike Dane said...

I think that would be a good
start. And he could apologize to
everyone on the forum as well.
I think that much is owed.

Mike Dane