Thursday, October 23, 2008

From the Pressbox-18th Indian Band Revue

Cliff Note: I apologize in advance for the lack of photos. since the pressbox windows were closed, I could not get any decent shots.

On October 18, 2008, eight bands met at Rittman Stadium to entertain fans, friends, and family, and exhibiting the fruits of many hours of preparation. On this cold night, we were treated to an awesome performance, by all participants of the 18th annual Rittman Indian Band Revue.

At 7:00pm, the audience was welcomed by Jon Ritchie, superintendent of the Rittman and Orrville School Districts.

The Rittman Indians Marching Band kicked off the show with the playing of the national anthem. Once our hosts marched off the field, it was time to be entertained by the guest bands.
Mogadore was the first guest band to take the field. The Marching Wildcats, although small in number, were big on sound. It was their sixteenth time playing at our show.

Making an encore appearance, from Akron, was the Kenmore High School Fighting Cardinal Marching Band. For their second appearance in Rittman they entertained the cold audience with an eighties show.

The Manchester Marching Band was next with a show from the seventies, eighties, and nineties. Cliff Note: When they completed their program, I accidentally called them the "cougars."

After a short intermission, where the audience enjoyed concessions served by our very own Worlds Greatest Band Boosters(tm), it was time to continue the evening of entertainment.

The second part of the program was kicked off by the appearance of the East Canton High School Hornet Marching Band. Their fantastic show featured hits from the Blues Brothers.
Crestview was next. The Marching Cougars took us down the yellow brick road with tunes from the Wizard of Oz.

From Portage County, the Rootstown Rovers Marching band ended the second part of the show. Their hits included Blitzkreig Bop.

The third part of the night's festivities were commenced by the always entertaining performance of the Garfield High School Marching Rams, coming from Akron. Their announcer, all around good guy Dan Camburn, started their awesome program with a hearty "Welcome to the shoooowwww!" Once the Rams were done, Dan thanked Ed Sims, the director of the ROOTSTOWN Marching band, thewn corrected himself and said Rittman.

Next band to make the long journey to participate in the show was the Orrville Band of Style, our partners in the Rittman Orrville Compact. The band put on a great show, and the student musicians of Orrville was supportive of all the other guest bands. Cliff Note: I have observed at most band shows that the bands pretty much support one another, more proof that band is not a sport.

Closing the show this evening was my favorite, to thunderous applause, the Rittman Indians Marching Band. The extended show tonight featured "Prime Time," "You Can't Stop the Beat"(Majorette Feature). "Sweet Child O' Mine," came next then our percussion section showed their massive talent with "Ode to a Refuse Container." The marching routine written by senior student musician Caleb Conley was performed with the playing of "Soul Bossa Nova." The show came to an end to the tune of the Steppenwolf classic, "Born to be Wild." A prolonged standing ovation from a great crowd who endured falling temperatures all night.

This wasn't a competition, but all the bands were winners Saturday night. All bands received awards for their performance.

Of course awards should also be handed out to others. To Ed Sims, Rittman band director, for his year round dedication to the instrumental music program which made this program possible. Becky Cline, majorette advisor, showing patience year in and year out working with the majorettes.

Brett Lanz, Rittman high school principal, for his leadership and making sure all things were running smoothly. Jon Ritchie, Rittman superintendant has shown that he will be a friend to the fine arts programs at Rittman.

The World's Greatest Band Boosters(tm) worked tirelessly, as they have done for years, to ensure the band(and announcer) were well taken care of.

Most important were the families of all the studenty musicians. Obviously the parents have all done something right with the rearing of their sons and daughters, as they all are well mannered and disciplined.

One more week of football and my job is done for the season. It always ends too soon.


Brenda said...

It was definately a most excellent show!! As Always!! I didn't even notice the cold (much) !!!

And of course the announcer did a fantastic job!!!

It's a shame, but all good things must come to an end. I have really missed being part of the band this year, knew I should have held him back an extra year!! LOL

74WIXYgrad said...

I'm sure he'd understand. Uh huh.

Suz said...

I love when our schools have the battle of the bands, or just the compilation of many schools in one night. Such a great thing for those kids and the fans.

Monday through Sunday said...

Come see my are my inspiration and Dr. Seuss..of course!

Frasypoo said...

I wonder if my county has this ?

I have seen the local Dance (they seem to be wannabe cheer leaders as in they also perform when the football games are going on)teams rehearse and have always wanted to watch them perform mainly because they look like strippers in training.I refuse to believe the school would let 15-16 year old girls perform in public like that.At that age they should not even perform in secret like that

74WIXYgrad said...

Rittman has two majorettes, and their dress is modest. I have seen the bands that have dance lines and I am not impressed.

A few years back, during the first game of the season, the visiting school's cheerleaders wore somewhat skimpy uniforms, getting some lewd comments from our student section. Many of the Rittman parents(myself included) expressed outrage and before long those cheerleaders were more modestly dressed.

Short skirts have always been the norm for cheerleaders, but to have bare midriffs and plunging necklines, that is over the line.

Brenda's daughter is a cheerleader, maybe she could elaborate over what I have touched here on her blog.

Liquid said...

Sounds like fun!

Brenda said...

I've been to many cheer competitions and have seen teams with outfits I would NEVER let my daughter wear. I would pull her off the team first. I have seen some that bathing suits would cover more. My guess is that the coaches that pick these outfits don't actually have daughters theirselves.

The skirts are short, that is normal. (OK, some are WAY too short) But as far as the cheerleaders go, many tumble, and anything longer would probably hinder the acrobatics. But the tops that show the belly button?? No, I don't think they are necessary.

We have a big competition in Columbus tomorrow. I will report back in my blog!!!

Have a good day!!!