Saturday, October 11, 2008

From the Pressbox:Dalton

Last night the Rittman Fighting Indians took on the Dalton Bulldogs. Dalton took the opening kickoff down the field for a touchdown and that set the football pace for the evening.

The Rittman Indians Marching band took a fairly new show into halftime, starting with a song made famous by Enrique Martin Morales, also known as Ricky Martin. Of course in an attempt to throw off the announcer , it was mentioned in the script that he played the lead in "Les Miserables". Okay, do I look like a Broadway buff to anyone? I didn't think so, but I didn't butcher it too bad, at least people were less miserable about the way I said it.

"You Can't Stop the Beat," our majorette feature, was next. The last number for the evening was another new song for the season, "Sweet Child O' Mine," a song originally done by Guns N' Roses which was done as filler on an album, but became their only number one hit.

You now have less than a week to make plans to come to this years Indian Band Revue. Our guests will include Akron Kenmore, Akron Garfield, Crestview, East Canton, Manchester, Mogadore, LOrrville, and Rootstown.

Cliff note: I left the house Friday evening and forgot to put my memory card in the WIXYcam, soI was unable totake any pictures of the action. Oh, and the Rittman football team is now 0-8.

Cliff Note II: Congrats to my alma mater, Medina Highland's football team. The Hornets pulled out a victory against the Wadsworth Grizzlies with a touchdown pass with .4 seconds remaining in the game. The Hornets are now 8-0.


Suz said...

You have to be fast on your feet...I mean on your voice. ;)
I had no idea about that tid bit on Guns N Roses...interesting.

Daisy said...

Oh dear! The team is now 0-8! Well, at least you can say they are consistent. ;)
Sorry to hear of the team loss, but sounds like the band and the announcer still showed up to entertain the fans. :D

Pat Jenkins said...

the highlight of firday nights in rittman must be the band right wixy!!!