Friday, October 03, 2008

Some rhetorical musings

Pay Liquid a visit this month. She has gone pink for October, which is breast cancer awareness month. She also has a link there where you can educate yourself and contribute to the Susan G. Komen foundation.

We stayed at the in laws house last night. My MiL went to see her mother, who's in a nursing home in West Virginia. Kathy and I stayed with her dad, who is improving. On my way there, I stopped for gas in Medina. The price was $3.14 a gallon. What a difference two years makes. When the price first went up over $3 a gallon, we were outraged. But now that we've seen $4 a gallon gas, $3.14 is a great bargain. Seeing that I remember paying 28 cents a gallon in the early seventies, I think anything over $1.50 a gallon stinks.

I remember when gas went over 50 cents a gallon. Car sales went down, the auto industry was laying off, and the world as we knew it was coming to an end. Then people got used to it.

Later gas went to over $1.00 a gallon. Sales of cars went down, the auto industry starting laying off workers, and the world as we knew it was coming to an end.

This year the price of gas went to over $4.00 a gallon. Car sales have fallen, the auto industry is laying off... You get the picture.

Just remember this: God has things in control and He wants you to trust Him.

Cliff Note: I am praying for my friends in the southern states that your gas shortage soon ends.


Pat Jenkins said...

we prefer horse and buggy. - yours truly the amish!!!

Michelle Dawn said...

I have tried to cut down on my driving since my car is a gas hog. I do have faith though that we all will see it thru. God Bless CLiff. :)

Doc said...

Cliff, I can recall buying gas for 27 and 28 cents a gallon. Used to buy a pack of cigarettes back in the day for 30 cents. When I tell younger people that now they just stare at me like I'm from 1900.

Pilgrim said...

Four bucks a gallon eh? We hit $6 a few weeks ago. Canadians are experts at one thing.....taxes. I bouthgt a bike in April and started pedaling to work. AS a result car sales are down, Ford and GM are shutting plants down in Ontario and if the world does come to an end, I'll meet you in the Promised Land Brother!

Frasypoo said...

Good part about having atenant who manges a BP is that we had a backup plan in case we had a shortage.This entire situation was caused by the media.But it seems to be limping back.
Guess whose back ?

Liquid said...

Thanks for the Pink plug! It is so important!

Gas, smash! Our deputy sherrifs will no longer respond to calls that are not considered EMERGENCY calls. Who calls them just for fun?!

It's hurting us in more places than the twinge in our pocketbooks!