Friday, November 21, 2008

After the snow-Some pics

We were supposed to get a ton of lake effect snow by now. The fact is that we didn't get all that much where I expected it to be. The above photo is taken on I-77, just south of I-480. Very little snow, and this was within 10miles of Lake Erie.

Now this photo was taken about 5 miles south of the prior one, as I was passing the Wallings Road exit, in Broadview Hts., Ohio.
This one was taken with Shellmo in mind, as she posted on her blog today that she liked pine trees.
Not everyone was all that lucky today. I saw this car in the median just past the Ohio Turnpike. there was also a severe pileup on I-76 near Akron in the morning.
As I got further south, I noticed that the accumulation of snow was greater. this photo was taken on Ohio-21, in Copley, Ohio.
But the sun did make an appearance in this winter wonderland, as I was able to catch it on I-76/US-224, Wadsworth, Ohio.


wzzp said...

Boy the roads were bad this morning on my travels down Rt. 83!

Hey I see you have a new profile picture. When are you getting that Florida haircut?

I am going to take you to Hair Care Harmony at Great Northern Mall in the food court!

74WIXYgrad said...

I'll get the Florida haircut the next time I'm in Florida, which should be in about 51 years. I didn't make my first trip there until I was 52.

Tri-State Media Watch said...

Nice pictures!

It should be winding down for everybody overnight tonight, except in Ashtabula and Erie, where the snow will persist all the way into tomorrow afternoon.

Busy Bee Suz said...

The pics are great. Really nice to see the snow and I can feel the "cool" air. It is still very nice down here in Florida. Although I put the heat on for a few minutes this morning while little one was in the shower.....don't tell my husband!!!
I do love to see the snow, the crisp air, it is a different feeling than we have here.
thanks for sharing.

Busy Bee Suz said...

I LOVED your comments about Jim Croce. His music is SO great. Glad to share this.
take care,

coltfan said...

cliff good post but... keep winte that way I don't want it lol I know in Indiana no such luck lol

Tri-State Media Watch said...

Cliff and everyone else:

I decided this morning to create a blog to separate personal thoughts that AREN'T about Cincy media. So, check out the new blog at Personal Thoughts and Observations from NKY

Jessica said...

Bring on the snow... you know we love it at our house!

dons_mind said...

now you know why i live south of I20!!! lol

Monday through Sunday said...

Call me goofy...but I miss snow! :)

Shellmo said...

Glad you didn't have to drive thru a white out or anything crazy!
And thank you for the pine trees!Any pinecones? (The pinecone addict in me can't help but ask that question.) :-0

Pat Jenkins said...

i want to konw who is taking the picture, and who is driving. i sure hope they are not the same person!!!!

Daisy said...

I'm always glad to see the sun come out. :)

Rittman.Indian.Band.Geek said...

Hey Cliff Love The Snow Picture's !! ;) i have some pics too gonna add 'em soon! So How Have You Been?.. I FINALLY got my dvd from the New London Show an it was Great! i dont get on much now that football is over but iam gonna have too so i can finish my final post from this '08 Season! if You Go Too My Youtube Page u Can See Videos from our band show !!

direct link too the videos:

-Your Blogger Pal Matthew (*)

Merry Christmas & Happy Thanksgiving too ya!

74WIXYgrad said...

Thanks Matthew. I will be sure to check it out. And I'm glad you enjoyed New London, although it was MY worst performance of the year. Just makes me aware that the folks don't come there to hear me announce, but I announce for one of the best show bands around.

74WIXYgrad said...

Matthew-Be sure to check out this blog during the next month or so as I will be handing out my personal awards, the top banana awards. Will be a lot of fun and you will have something to post on your page.

That comment goes for everybody who are regular readers of my blogs.