Sunday, November 16, 2008

Interesting weekend, to say the least

It's been a very stressful week for my family and especially for my wife. The stress test, as far as we know, has come out fine. Her father had to make a trip to the emergency room Friday night. We had just been over there, as my mother in law needed to go shopping. Mrs74 took her mother to the grocery store and I stayed and kept her dad company. After having supper with them we went home, as we had at that point, a very stressful week.

A little bit later, I was on the phone talking racing with my older brother and also getting an update on his health, which isn't all that good. My mother in law beeped through. Kathy's dad was being taken to the emergency room. His defibrillator had gone off. He had gotten a new one this past summer, and this one was more powerful. I later told him that it more cold cranking amps.

Eddie, my FIL, was admitted and had his meds adjusted. He was discharged this afternoon.

Now my wife and mother in law are very exceptional women. Kathy has taken care of our three, my nephew, whom we took custody of after my older sister passed away in 1997, my brother who passed away earlier this year, my sister, who is mentally handicapped, and her parents when they need assistance.

My mother in law is a great example of a Proverbs 31 woman. She has taken good care of her family and now tends to her husband's needs. She always finds enough in herself to be there when he needs it. She doesn't drive, so when needed we come over to take her to market. Sometimes I'm the one to drive her and she will let me know some of her frustrations. I listen, which is all she wants anyone to do. I did the same for my mother when my dad was in failing health.

To watch my mother in law is to see the living definition of meekness, which is power under control. She tends to her husband's needs and is there to understand his frustration, as he has always been the one in control and is having problems dealing with the fact that he has to relinquish control at times. He's had a good woman at his side for almost 53 years now and she continues to give him her all.

My wife has a bit of both her parents in her.


Busy Bee Suz said...

Sorry to hear of you all having a bad week. It sounds as if you are and have been surrounded by very strong and wonderful women.
I wish the best for your In laws, I hope his health gets better and they can enjoy each other and life in general. Mrs Wixy is a good catch. you are lucky and I know you know that too. Take care,
ps. I hope tomorrow starts a great week for you.

Daisy said...

Being a caregiver can be a difficult and exhausting job at times. Hoping things will be better this week for you and Mrs. Wixy.

coltfan said...

So sorry to here about your family's troubles hopefully everything works out for you guys.

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

I will be praying for your family, Cliff. May God give you fresh, deep peace to get through these trials. I trust the clouds will part and you'll see that beautiful perfect rainbow (and some brilliant sunshine) again soon.

Keep smiling... "consider it all joy...". :-)

Jessica said...

You've got a great family Cliff and your wife sounds like a gem. Bless you all and I hope this week is much less stressful.

Shellmo said...

Your family sounds very caring and connected! I wish you peace and for less stressful times!

Michelle said...

Hi Cliff

Gosh, you have had a weekend and on top of a stressful week too? :-(

My parents and Itook care of my grandparents, aunt and my cousin for about twenty years. It can be very tiring and you need to remember there's a reson why the commandment says love others as you love yourself - unless you take care of yourself properly you can't be there to take care of others properly. My mom never did that. She just gave and gave and now her health is bad. So I'm hoping that you and your wife make sure you take time to take care of you and find ways to relax and recharge your own "batteries" - it's important.

I do hope everyone either gets better or stays stable healthwise and that your coming week is less tiring. Love and prayers for you all.

And one last comment. You wrote:

"...the living definition of meekness, which is power under control."

Wow... I've never heard such a perfect description of meekness. Beautifully said, Cliff. :-)

I'm going to go cross cultures with my response and say "Namaste". Which my Indian friends tell me translates roughly as "I offer respect to the Light of God I see within you."

Namaste, Cliff.

Pat Jenkins said...

it sounds like your wife and mother in law have a lot of "nurse" in them. you are very lucky to be influenced by them wixy!!

74WIXYgrad said...

My wife, until her knee started to break down, was a home health aide. I think the way she knows how and who to get ahold of to get things done, she would make a very good social worker. She regrets not going to nursing school when she got out of high school. But under that circumstance, we would have never met.

My mother in law has always had very strong family values and has always made her husband top priority.

My wife and I both feel that as long as "Honor thy mother and thy father" is still in the Bible, no matter what, we need to help them when we can.

My father in law called me the day my own mother passed away and told me that he was proud the way I took care of her during her last years. I then promised him that I would do the same for them when the time come.

The biggest key about caring for aged parents is remembering that they are still the parents. The hospice nurse who took care of my mom told me that not all people do that and I was great at taking care of my mom.

Prayerfully my father in law still has a lot of kick left in him and will be around for a long while. I feel the Lord can still use him here.

Jen said...

Your attitude makes all the difference and yours will definately see you through these stuggles. Blessings to you and your family.

Frasypoo said...

Your wife is wonderful.Your children and their children will reap the blessings of your lives.

Brenda said...

Thanks Cliff!!

You have to explain to me how to put this in my blog. :o)

Have a GREAT day.

struke said...

Cliff...I'll be keeping you and the family in my prayers. Family support is so important. Hang in there, pal. Your blogging family is here for you.