Thursday, November 27, 2008

WIXY's Gone Bananas Guide to Fine Dining-Parassons Italian Restaurant

This is for my Northeast Ohio readers and others who might venture into the Akron area sometime in the future.

Tony Parasson started selling pizza in his mother's tavern in Barberton, Ohio in 1960. The following year he relocated to 234 Wooster Rd North, Barberton, Ohio. This was where Mrs74 and I recently went for a late lunch.

Being after the lunch rush, we were able to get seated immediately. During busy periods we never have to wait too long to be seated. We were then greeted by our server, a young lady named Maddy. She promptly got us our drinks, then took our order. Soon afterward our garlic bread and my salad were brought to the table. Although it was a side salad, I was served plenty. Maddy made sure our drinks were kept full and we didn't run out of garlic bread.

We had ordered baked subs, but my wife did not want hers on bread, so the smothered chicken was served as an entree. I ordered the sausage sub. Although we ordered "half" subs, we had plenty of food. The manager on duty was making the rounds, asking all patrons how the service was and refilling drinks as necessary.

The service was extraordinary, but then I don't recall when I've been disappointed at Parassons. the check was a very reasonable 22 dollars, and both Mrs74 and I agreed that Maddy deserved more than the customary tip.

Parassons has a full menu of pizza, pasta, subs and other favorite Italian dishes.
As mentioned before, this Parassons is located on Wooster rd North, in Barberton, across the street from Kmart. Phone number is 330-753-2264

Other locations are
501 N. Main St.
Akron, Ohio-Across from St. Thomas Hospital

3983 Darrow Rd.
Stow, Ohio-Ohio 91 just north of Graham Rd.

959 E Waterloo Rd.
Akron, Ohio-corner of Waterloo and Arlington

Same good food and service are at all locations.


Frasypoo said...

Well,after a seasoned run of bad service and food that I did not order especially with having to be extra careful with a diabetic husband,you appreciate the good restaurants.

Pat Jenkins said...

did the wixy's dine there themselves on this thanksgiving?... where ever you was i hope you had a blessed turkey day cliff!!!

Tim Lones said...

We used to have a Parasson's on Route 62 in NE Canton years ago, The food and service were excellent there too,,It was disappointing to see them close..

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

Sounds delightful! I love Italian food! There are several great Italian restaurants in Atlanta that we eat at regularly.
Personally, I think GARLIC is one more irrefutable proof that a loving God MUST exist. :-)

dons_mind said...

love italian foods! and you're in a great spot for lots of italian and 'old country' foods!

hope you had a great thanksgiving!

ps - (with apologies) you've been tagged. see my blog for details.

Liquid said...

Yum! Do they have fried chicken?

74WIXYgrad said...

Liquid:Considering that they are in Barberton, Ohio, a town famous for it's fried chicken and located next to White House Chicken, I don't think fried chicken would go over well there.

Parassons is probably the most successful non chicken restaurant in Barberton.

Brenda said...

YUM!! LuAnn and I had lunch there for my birthday a couple months back!!

Tim Lones said...

A while back I made one of my Local transit road trips to Barberton. I came across White House Chicken and ate Lunch there..It was great..It doesnt look like much on the outside but is very nice..and the Chicken tasted excellent..

wixy's middle child (The good kid) said...

I like parasons. I have always thought there subs are good.

Josh M M said...

I agree Parasson's does have excellent service. It is too bad that Tony treats his employees bad. Maddy was an excellent server as the review states but she was later told around that same time that she was not server material and they forced her to quite. Yes, forced. You don't get fired there. That would make Tony look bad.

Anonymous said...

I would just like everyone to know that Maddy, the server, continues to provide excellent service at Panera Bread. The management there recognizes and appreciates the hard work she puts forth. Parasson's did not, and asked her to quit her job, although they could not offer a reason why.

Maddy said...

I'm Maddy, the server mentioned in this review, and I would just really like to thank the writer for all of the nice things said about my performance as a server. Serving can be stressful, but with nice people like you, the job is always easier.
Sadly, I am no longer working at Parasson's, as stated by some of the previous comments, but if they feel that they can force people to quit with unjust reasoning, I certainly am glad to no longer be apart of their staff.
So again, thank you so much. Being appreciated for what I do makes it that much easier to do :).
Sincerely, Maddy the server.

Angela said...

I used to work at the Parassons in Lima, Ohio. I worked there from '86- "89, and the only reason I quit was for family reasons. Tony even tried to keep me working there. He even said he'd work around my schedule, but I had to decline. I'm really sorry about Maddy's bad experience, but mine was excellent. Not too bad for a 16 year olds first job. I REALLY miss that place since it shut down here. I wish it would come back in town.