Thursday, November 20, 2008

Time for an introduction

As some who have been following me for a while are aware, I credit Ohio Media Watch for the inspiration to start this blog. So have others from my home area, such as Tim Lones of Cleveland Classic Media fame, have done the same.

Now a 23 year old Internet disc jockey from Florence, Kentucky has started Tri-State Media Watch, a blog dedicated to radio and television in the greater Cincinnati, Ohio area. He also gives OMW credit for the inspiration to start blogging. He also calls his blog "Blog O Fun" as a tribute of what OMW calls his blog, which is "the Mighty Blog of Fun."

I also have decided to announce it here for these reasons. At least two of my readers can benefit from the information TSMW reports. He came here to visit me last night and left a comment and at the time, this is one of two blogs that he is listed as a follower of. Cliff Note:If you are reading this TSMW, Cleveland Classic Media has a two day jump on me as far as introducing you to his readers.

Anyway go on over and say "hi" to this young man and welcome him to the exciting world of blogging.

Cliff Note II: He has good taste in blog templates too.


Tri-State Media Watch said...

Thank you sir. I have added CCM to my following list as well. :) I'll add you and CCM to my links list very shortly (as in, by 5am). Have a good night, hope you're staying warm (it is 33 here as of this comment, up from a low of 31 or so at 2am, but still cold).

Tri-State Media Watch said...

And FYI for those readers in or near Cincinnati...If you come across a media item that I might have missed, please by all means, email me(my email link will be somewhere on my page by the time most of you read this in the morning), or leave a comment on one of my blogs and I will look into the story. And of course, you'll get credit for the story.