Sunday, November 09, 2008

Okay, so I'm mechanically challenged

I get a call Thursday evening from WIXYjr. He was pulled over by the fuzz. Cliff Note: How long has it been since you've heard that term used in that application?

Anyway, the license plate light on the WIXYjrmobile was burned out, and needed changed. I told him I would attend to it Friday evening. I had changed it once before, so I thought this would be easy. Not so. I took the light out of the bracket and tried to take the bulb out of the socket. No go. I called a friend and he said he could probably help on Saturday.

I found myself busy on Saturday so this afternoon after dinner, I tried again. I tried twisting and turning. I also tried WD-40 to no avail. Then I went to Auto Zone, where they instructed me that this car had lights that pulled out. they sold me a pack of lightbulbs and some light grease. We tried pulling the light out in the parking lot, but at this point with the WD-40, we couldn't even get a grip on the light bulb. We then left fot the Evil Big Box Store(tm) to get some more items.

On the way home, we stopped to gas the car and while I was filling it up, I took the light out, I hadn't put it back in the bracket and the vibrations had loosened it. I was able to then change the bulb.

Now I need to make some clarifications. Although my dad was a very good mechanic, that was not hereditary. As a mechanic I make a good blogger. As I have expressed before, my family feels I should have my tools registered with the local police department.

The good news is that I only had to spend 5 dollars and change to get this light fixed.

But I still feel like an idiot.


HWHL said...

I should have my husband "guest blog" about how long it took him to change the headlight in my car (a 2002 Chrysler Sebring).

He used expletives I had never even heard before. :-)

But, eventually, the new headlight was installed. (I don't have the heart to tell him that the new light points up slightly.... my car has a slightly comical look to it when you see it coming down the street at night....) :-)

Pat Jenkins said...

great story wixy, and i am with you one hundred percent on the two thumbs when it comes to that stuff. though i did change my own oil last weekend.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Very funny. we are not all talented in all fields right????
My husband used to work on Jet engines but had issues with a broken light bulb stuck in a lamp. :)

coltfan said...

don't feel bad cliff i am better at destroying things than fixing them.

Anonymous said...

Need some duct tape?

Jen said...

How many wixys does it take to change a light bulb? :)

74WIXYgrad said...

You know what surprises me about that comment, Jen. I'm surprised that Pat didn't come up with it.

But I enjoyed it nonetheless.

Mrs74 did quote parts of this post while talking to the wife on one of the folks I asked advice of. What got me was I wasn't given proper credit for the lines she was using.

Shelley said...

Ha! - Jen's comment was the funniest! :-) So I won't make fun of you - but using the word "fuzz" is begging for some coy remarks!
I still need to show you guys the little picture hook my husband used to hang his big deer head on.

74WIXYgrad said...

Shellmo: When you say coy remark, you either are referring to my age or my facial hair.

Now if I was a little older, I might have tried something else that refers to a farm animal. But out of respect for our peace officers, I will refrain from that.

Chelle said...

Been there and done that (with help from the hubby) and ended up breaking some type of bracket in the cost was way more than $5.00.
Easier to just go to the parts store and make them do it...less secondary damage.
Plan B: Use the all powerful duct tape (tm) and tape a small flashlight to the in a tight! (And yes, I am redneck enough that I can also say 'been there and done that one too')

Anonymous said...

Idiot? I think not! You were successful AND cost efficient AND timely!!!

Michelle said...

Hubby's useless with car stuff and woodwork. I hide the hammer away as he's more likely to hit himself than anything else.

When he bought his first car (a long long time ago) he took the engine apart... and couldn't put it back together! His older sister still laughs at how they had to get a mechanic to come take away all the bits and put it back together again.

BUT he's a brilliant builder - stonework and brick. He's had his work photographed and even some of his stonework on TV... just keep the machines and wood away from him! ;-)

Michelle said...

I fix things more around the house than my hubby does. My dad tried to teach me a few things but sometimes it just doesn't work out. Great post.

Liquid said...

You crack me up! At least you did it!

Mission Accomplished....more than I could say!


J. Moses said...

In response to Jen:

It takes only one, but it also takes 2 days, 5 dollars, and one can of WD-40.

J. Moses said...

And just to inject a little more humor:

How many migraines does it take to lay out one Media Watcher?

Only one. Media in this town will do that to you. :)