Monday, November 17, 2008

Is your stock going up?

I have people coming into my office during the work day asking how the stock market is doing. Of course most of the time, it's been going down. Some of the people asking don't have a whole lot in their 401(k) but want to see their investment increase in value. The key to this will be patience and time.

In the meantime, what are you doing about your personal stock? Are you doing anything to further cultivate your talents? Let me explain.

Since I started blogging, I have discovered a writing talent that I didn't think I had before. I figure at this time I have about 2 books in me, one of which all I have to do is tie together. The other is something I want to base on my Whattville blog. I've been kicking it around in my head but until yesterday didn't do a lot about it.

Yesterday afternoon after we got Kathy's dad home from the hospital, my mother in law needed to go to the store to get some prescriptions filled and to pick up a few items. So it was off to the local Wal*Mart(soon to become Evil Big Box Store(tm) #1894.) I dropped her off at the door then found a parking space. As it was going to take about 1/2 hour, I went in and bought me a composition notebook. I took the book, went to the in store Subway, bought a drink, then sat down and started writing. The first page, I drew a map of what I imagined Whattville looks like. I then started writing a detailed description of Whattville. I'll tell you now that Whattville isn't Mayberry, but it isn't a bad place either.

This is some of my stock I'm investing in. I hope I keep investing. How are you investing in your stock?


Busy Bee Suz said...

I love this. I did not think I had any stock before, but now perhaps I do.
Good luck with your writing. You are talented and wise. Let us know how it goes!!

coltfan said...

We are really hurting for money . And it hurts me because I want to give the kid's a good christmas . But it doesn't look like that is gonna happen so my stock don't look good right now.

Michelle Dawn said...

I don't know anything about stock's and with me not working right now it really hits below the belt. I also feel guilty because Randy has more stress on him than ever.

Liquid said...

Dearest Cliff,

I am so proud of you! Follow your dreams and keep writing! I'd like a signed copy when you are published. :)

As far as money goes, I have little complaints about that. If anything happens to me, you are all invited to bring your "metal detectors" to my property 'cause my savings are invested in plastic tubes of piping, sealed at both ends with a penny in it so it can be detected.

CAUTION: If I am not DEAD, you will be if I catch ya's in my yard, poking around.


Have a marvelous day!

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

This is very ironic.... you need to read the post I just wrote. (Great minds think alike???!)

wzzp said...

I think today is a great day to start taking inventory of our lives. What do we value? Who has given us these many blessings? What are the blessings of our lives? These gifts given to us are worth so much more than our society values its material belongings. Life is precious.

Pat Jenkins said...

i want a free copy of whatever goes to print wixy.. note i said free....