Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Some thoughts from this morning

This morning I got up a little after 9am, which is about 6 hours later than when I'm working. We had to make a trip over to the Evil Big Box Store(tm) to return a present we bought for our grandson because he already had one of them.

First stop was to Mickey D's for breakfast. Before we had left, we had already gotten at an inch of heavy snow. Cliff Note: I didn't read Jeremy's excellent weather report until after I got back home. We had a good breakfast along with some good fellowship with a couple from our church. Then it was off to the store. I dropped Mrs74 and WIXYjr at the aforementioned evil store while I went to the Orange Big Box Home Improvement Store(tm) to get some hinges for a cabinet door. Almost did a donut in the Orange store's parking lot. It was my first time in years that I drove a rear wheel drive in the snow.

Once I got back to the EBBS, I was looking for a parking space and it occurred to me that I have to give my yearly rant, so excuse the bold caps: HANDICAPPED PARKING SPACES ARE NOT CART RETURNS!!! (caps off ) There are several people, including my wife, who need to use these spaces. And during the winter months if you don't need them, don't use them.

I have to go out once more today then I am going to enjoy a day of rest.


Busy Bee Suz said...

Sounds like you should have stayed home...safe and sound.
Who puts carts in a handicap spot? They should be injured just for doing so!

J. Moses said...

Sometimes I wonder if those people who leave carts in handicap spots have any common sense...then I realize that of course they don't...

Thanks for sending me that devotional this morning...I read it when I finally woke up. :-)

Diamond said...

Nothing plucks my nerve more than seeing someone use a handicap spot whem they don't have a permit..%$*&*^@..is what I have to say.

Shelley said...

Plus - the store should be sending employees out there to gather the carts and make sure they aren't where they aren't suppose to be!
Be safe driving!

coltfan said...

people can be jerks sometimes.