Monday, October 08, 2007

Around the blogs

Once again I am going around my "bloggerhood"(Thank you Liquid, for coining that term) and point out to my readers some posts that were of interest to me, and hopefully if you haven't seen them, you may go over, take a look around and like what you see.

I'm going to start with some new friends.

Sindi has a blog called "Life is a Roller Coaster" She is a thirty something wife and mother who is living for the Lord. Her first appearance was on my other blog "Seek Him First" where she stated that she could hopefully become one of my blogger friends. After reading her blog for the past few days and being blessed by what I have read, I have put her on my side bar. I will suggest two posts, Friday's 10 Blessings, and God Bought Me Dinner Last Night.

Next new friend is named Kathy(not Mrs74WIXYgrad) and her blog is called Kathy's Klavier. Kathy is a southern conservative Christian and her blog reflects her beliefs in a very good way. The post I have picked for my readers to sample is titled "Fearfully and Wonderfully Made," where she shares with us a letter a coworker, in the early days of her pregnancy, has written to her unborn child. The post is truly a blessing.

Kathy also exhibits good taste, as she uses the same template as this blog.

Next we go out to California as Mel Kay, in his Attitude, the Ultimate Power blog asks the question, Why Do You blog? Check that and, at last count, 60 responses.

Curmudegeon, in Second Effort, wants to know why there is no International CB Day. Scroll down here. You see I celebrated it.

Pilgrim is now on vacation and out of touch with the bloggerhood. Before he left, he mused about a neighbor girl whose feelings he hurt when they both were young in his post titled "Serial Intercessor-Sherry" Pilgrim posted links to Frasypoo's blog and my other blog Seek Him First.

Speaking of Frasypoo, we find out in her blog This and That that she is quite the biker chick, and she wants to know after getting the cycle and all the accessories, "What's a Harley Worth?" She let's us know, and if you have to ask, you can't afford it.

Back home we go, but not before I stop in the Hall of Fame City, Canton, Ohio. Tim Lones, our professor of media history in Northeast Ohio, has a post in his Cleveland Classic Media blog about the radio and television broadcast history of the Cleveland Indians. And before I go to my last stop, I owe Tim an apology. Tim not only is very knowledgeable about media history, but he is one who loves the Lord and is a very committed Christian. I should have included Tim in the post I did at my other blog.

Yes, now I am going to blow my own horn. In my faith based blog, Seek Him First, I wrote a post called "Iron Sharpening Iron." It is a good example that we should use one another, and teach one another. Most importantly we should help one another.

About now I bet all my regular readers are wondering, Where's Liquid? She is on special assignment. She is posting her usual fantastic photos at her Liquid Illuzion blog.


Frasypoo said...

Hi Wixy
Will check out your new friends today.
Kathy is so sweet,isn' nt she ?She is great person.I have to brag for her,her son plays in a Christian band called"rush of Fools".she has links on her blog.Hopefully his band will be in GA this month and I may get to go.

74WIXYgrad said...


I thank you for the support of my blogs, and for visiting my friends.

I'm proud of the little network we have going on here.

I think that both Kathy's Klavier, and Life is a Roller Coaster deserves a regular read, and I don't mind at all giving them plugs here.

Kathy said...

Hey thanks for the mentions in your blogs! I enjoy yours a lot also!

Kathy said...

Note to frasypoo...oops, I think we've had a misunderstanding -- my son is actually in A Plea for Purging. They are friends with Rush of Fools. Rush of Fools is much more famous than my son's band, Lol!