Sunday, October 21, 2007

From the Pressbox-2007 Rittman Indians Band Revue

It was a beautiful, quiet Saturday evening in Rittman on October 20, 2007. But the quiet was about to end as over 800 student musicians from 11 schools converged on Rittman Stadium for the 17 Rittman Indian Band Revue. The stadium was decorated by the students of the Rittman Marching Band. Two concession stands were being prepared by the Worlds Greatest Band Boosters. The chaperons were in place(see picture) and the ticket booths were ready for an audience who wouldn't leave disappointed. The show was a three parter this evening. The first part I will call....Those who can teach. Those who can't...
First band on the program was the Western Reserve Rider Band. Their announcer for the evening was Edison band director, Denise Reilly. The show given was Western Reserve was a presentation of Gershwin tunes. This was Western Reserve's first visit to Rittman.

Second band on the agenda, also making the first trip to our show was from Akron. The Kenmore High School Fighting Cardinal Marching Band. Kenmore gave us a classic rock show. their tunes included "Cleveland Rocks", "Dance to the Music", and "You Really Got Me".

Next, the Panther Marching Band, from Manchester performed a Disney program. But this wasn't done by a Mickey Mouse operation. Sorry, I couldn't resist. Their selections included "Magic Carpet Ride", "Bare Necessities", "Under the Sea", and "Whole New World."

The first segment was anchored by the Edison Charger Marching Band. Their announcer for the show was Glenda Jacobs, also doing duty as the Western Reserve band director. She also got the short end of that deal.
Edison gave their usual, very entertaining, program. This time the program was different from the previous times we saw them this season. And this show ended with an appearance by the Energizer Bunny. Of course they did bring their fire extinguishers.

After a 10 minute intermission, it was time for the second part of the show, which I will call the announcer's showcase.

From Akron, came the Garfield Rams Marching Band, and their announcer, Dan Camburn(Welcome to the SHOOWWWW)made their first appearance to Rittman. Their classic rock show included "Free Ride," "Get Down Tonight," and "Party Like a Rock Star"

The next band up was the band from the best school in Portage County(according to Ed Sims) the Rootstown Rover Marching Band. The substitute announcer for the show was the best announcer in Wayne County(according to a lot of people). The Doobie Brothers hits, "Long Train Runnin'," "China Grove," "Free Ride," and "Listen to the Music",

Vermillion brought us the Sailor Marching Band. Their announcer, Sandy Kish Jordan, has had some big shoes to fill this season, as she replaces long time announcer Pat Price. She didn't miss a beat, introducing such tunes as, "Santana," "Copa Cabana," and "Takin' it to the Streets".

Last band of the second portion, making it's first appearance in Rittman was the "Loud is Good" people, the Hudson High School Swing Marching Band, and their announcer, Sergio Irarte. The 290 member Swing band gave us "Girl From Impanena" " Rainy Days and Mondays" and "Lady of Spain." Sergio ended the program by thanking Ed Sims for inviting Hudson to a band show on the biggest baseball night of the year.

After another 10 Minute intermission, where there was one happy attendee from Mogodore, who won the 50/50 jackpot of almost 400 dollars.

The third part of the show, the finale, was next. All bands this portion were repeat visitors to the Rittman Show.

First from Crestview, was the Marching Cougar Pride. Their program included the Journey hit, "Any Way You Want it."

Next was the Mogodore Wildcat Marching Band. They gave us some good, clean fun with "Splish Splash" followed by the "Theme from the Magnificient 7", "Devil with the Blue Dress On", "In a Gadda Di Vida" and wrapping up with The Horse".

Now it's time for the host band, the Rittman Indians Marching Band,, directed by Ed Sims, majorettes under the direction of Becky Cline.

The marching Indians came onto the field playing the Village People hit song, "YMCA." The guest bands and the audience all got into it. Next was "Old Time Rock And Roll," and the Indian Band's critically acclaimed suicide drill.

From the Disney Channel hit "High School Musical" came the next selection, "We're All in This Together", followed with our majorette feature, "Paint it Black". "Rock N Roll All Nite" showcased the vocal talents of our local musicians and led to the finale, Wipe Out. At the end of the show, the Rittman band was given a long, loud, standing ovation .

There was only one thing left to do and that was to give all the bands trophies. that was due to the fact that even though this wasn't a competition, everybody who showed up was a winner this evening. The last photo from the band shoow was of Ed Sims presenting the hard working Rittman seniors with a trophy for their participation for the past four years while representatives from other bands looked on.

From my perspective, it was a great show, with over 800 hard working, very respectful, students giving us a showcase of talents that would serve them well in life.

Thanks go to all the parents who brought their children up well, the relatives and friends that comprised the audience, and all those who made them feel at home on Saturday night.

Thanks also goes to Brett Lanz, Rittman High principal, for being behind the scenes(and serving as my producer)ans helping to assure that everything went smoothly.

Once again thenks go to Ed Sims and Becky Cline for all their hours of hard work and dedication. And once again I have got to thank the Worlds Greatest Band Boosters,for all their moral support and hard work to make sure that the band, audience, and announcer were taken care of.

One more performance for the Rittman Marching Band, and that will be during halftime Friday night as the Rittman football team wraps up their season against Smithville.


Mike Dane said...

Mr. Sims is mistaken. The greatest
School in Portage County is Streetsboro High, Home of the Rockets.

Anonymous said...

Great pics Cliff!!
Great announcing!!
Great SHOW!!!!

Let your readers know they can catch a couple tunes on YouTube, just search for Rittman High School. Wipe Out & Let's Get Togeter (from high school musical) are on there!!!

(my very own public service announcement!! HA)

I will miss all this very much, but look forward to my reserved seat in the pressbox next year!!


Frasypoo said...

I will check out Brendas suggestions on you tube.Music is great but when you add the marching band to has a great effect.I have become quite the fan!!
I went to a Methodist school in India and we had a marching Band...but they just marched they did not do any displays etc

Pat Jenkins said...

so are you the announcer with the band wixy? and who won?

74WIXYgrad said...

I am the Rittman band announcer. I also claim bragging rights as the loudest band announcer in Northeast Ohio.

Was not a competition, so everybody won. Most of bands at the show were show bands.

Pat Jenkins said...

good wixy. how's the football team?

74WIXYgrad said...


As far as the football team is concerned, we had 18 go out for football, mainly freshmen and sophomores. We suited up 15 for most games due to injury. I guess it's been a character building season as we are currently 0-9. Main culprit is play to participate. Sports boosters aren't as dedicated as band boosters.

What hurts most is we were in the state playoffs two years ago. Most of the returning starters transferred schools as it looked as though fall sports would be cancelled at one point.

Anonymous said...

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