Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Wednesday Madness

I wanted the band show post to remain on top for a couple of days, so I thought I would take a short break from blogging. Here are some short notes that I'm pecking out as I take my morning break at work.

First, as the marching band season draws to a close this week, I need to recognize the WGBB, or World's Greatest Band Boosters, my name for the Rittman Band Boosters. Once again this year they have done a stellar job in supporting the band. They have also done a good job at feeding my ego(and I eat it up). One of these fine folks has become one of my best supporters. Brenda will step aside, as her son graduates at the end of the school year. It's been a real pleasure working with her and I am looking forward to our continued friendship. Brenda has also been a contributor to this blog, sending me photos from band concerts and from the Florida trip last spring. On the band show post, Brenda is in the top picture, to the right of her good friend and longtime band booster, Luann.

Now if you don't mind, I want to rant. 2 weeks ago a 14 year old suspended student went into a school in downtown Cleveland with the intent on going on a shooting spree. The police, taking a proactive stance, stormed into the school building looking for the shooter, which has been the way police have been trained since Columbine. Chances are this had saved lives. By the time they had cornered the shooter he turned the gun on himself.

One of the police on the scene had taken a picture of the shooter with his camera phone. Asa Coon, the student, was lying in a pool of his own blood after taking his life. Somehow this picture got on the Internet and ended on the website of a local radio personality who calls himself Rover. This was not only done in bad taste, but inconsiderate on the part of whoever was possible for placing the photo there. I have never seen the picture, nor do I want to. first place I read about it was this post on Ohio Media Watch. I also heard it on WKYC/3 News. I don't see what possible good could come out of a photo like that being posted on the web.

Lastly, two things remind me to write this rant. First I have been reminded that the Evil Big Box store has it's grand opening in Cleveland, which brings the first Wal Mart inside city limits. Second the CHRISTMAS shopping season is about to begin(we are not politically correct here we say MERRY CHRISTMAS). Back to the original thought. Please tell all you know that handicapped parking spaces are not cart returns.


stacys1175 said...

Im going to have to agree with you on the picture.How could someone do such a thing? taking the picture was bad enough but letting on the net. That is even worse.such a sad thing to hear about.Also being a person that parks in handicapped parking place I will have to agree with you on that to it seem like everytime I want park I always have to more a cart. Ialso want to thanking for coming by my blog and blessing mewith your great comments. thank you stacy

Frasypoo said...

Hi wixy
That picture would be in bad taste,I have not seen it.
On a side note,In India we dont say Merry christmas as it denotes "Merry making"(drinking,etc)but we say Happy Christmas !
And if my dad ever saw the word xmas,it would drive him crazy!