Sunday, October 07, 2007

From the Sideline- Hudson Parade of Bands

Driving through Hudson Saturday evening, I noticed all these banners hung that said "Loud is Good". I thought for a minute that I was being welcomed to Hudson. Then it occurred to me-The Hudson Swing Marching Band has 300 student musicians who participate in it. Yes the title is right-From the Sideline. Well rather it should be. From the All Weather Track, but let's not get ridiculous about it. I was on the field doing my announcing Saturday night, so the audience could see me as well as hear me. If we go back, they might want to rethink that.

Anyway on to the show...

The Rittman Indians Marching Band took to the field during the 47th annual Hudson Parade of Bands. It was a beautiful August evening in October-Hot and steamy, so it was a blessing to be at field level, as the pressbox was sauna like.

As the band marched onto the field, their first selection was YMCA, and other bands and the audience got into it.

Next was Old Time Rock N Roll. There were a few versions of suicides done this evening and the Rittman band were one of the bands doing it. The crowd loved it!

The Hudson home town crowd enjoyed our version of Rock n Roll All Nite, along with the vocals and dance moves.

The Indians part of the show concluded with Wipe Out. The audience went wild during the drum break, which is a crowd pleaser wherever we go.

Other bands appearing in the show were from Mogadore, Waterloo, James A. Garfield, Cuyagahoga Falls, Shaw, and host Hudson. All bands gave a fantastic show, and the folks from Hudson, were very gracious hosts.


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Frasypoo said...

It was hot here too and I cant help but think of all the people in the band in their uniforms.Glad it was a huge success