Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Things I'd like to see on my refrigerator...

Had this been thrown down by anyone but Liquid, I wouldn't have given it a thought. But since she put a subtle hint directed at me, I will give my list.
1. Certificate for one very large take out order from Milich's Village Inn-chicken, cole slaw, hot sauce.
2. Pair of tickets from CAK to MEI, so Mrs74WIXYgrad and I could deliver order.
3.Set of keys to paid for 2007 anything-good on gas, plenty of leg room.
4.Drawings from our grandchildren.
5.Pay check from major broadcasting company.
6.Bonus from same company for being top rated personality.
7.Letter from mortgage company that says my house is paid off.
8.Certificate for large order of Rego's Chicken to take to nearby friend's house.
9.Directions to The Farm in Bradford Pa.
10.Tickets to World Series game at Jacob's Field.
11.Reservations for Mrs74 and myself for a weekend at nice hotel.
12.Normal life for my brother and sister.
13.Normal hearing for my granddaughter.


Liquid said...

Beautiful 'fridge you've got there WIXY!!

What would be the name of a really nice hotel in your area, or near?

You know I am "nosey" so maybe you can post something about such a place in the near future.


74WIXYgrad said...

That would be the Radisson in Fairlawn, near Akron but actually in Copley. But all the locals call the area Montrose.

Last hotel in the area I stayed in was the Crown Quaker Plaza, since sold to the Univerity of Akron.

And since I have at least one UA alum who is a regular reader, I have to be nice.

Skittles said...

And here I am with just magnets on my fridge. Maybe I should add some cool stuff.. even if it's just imaginary. :)

Thanks for the Brady Bunch correction. :)

74WIXYgrad said...


No problem with the Brady Bunch correction. Now if it would have been a Full House mistake, I would have dumbed down, even if I had known that. I almost had to turn in my man credentials once when I asked for directions.

Wixy Jrette the 1st said...

Your granddaughter doesn't need normal hearing. She is a beautiful blonde haired blue eyed little girl with the cutest pink hearing aids and the ability to hear with her eyes and talk beautifully with her hands. Her voice is clear if you watch instead of listening.

Deaf is beautiful, wonderful and amazing. We have learned not only to accept her and it but to LOVE it. I hope and pray that someday you and everyone else can to.