Friday, October 26, 2007

To Err is Human.....

And I was too human this evening.

In the 8 seasons that I've been the Rittman band announcer, I have only committed three monumental goof ups during a show. Tonight was the third time. It was also the only time I couldn't laugh it off.

Because I was going by the prompts on the script and not by my gut reaction, I missed an introduction that would have recognized the seniors in the band.

Now during the marching season, the script never mentions the staff involved with the band. I don't write the script, but most of the time my name is the only adult name in the script and that is during our annual band show.

When the students are involved, I feel that their hard work should be recognized. If their names are in the script and I don't know how to pronounce it, I will get the correct pronunciation.

I was told that mistakes happen. Ed Sims told me tonight that I have to come back next year and do it right. Most of the students I talked to said it was no big deal. To me it is. Not because I'm a perfectionist(I'm not), but because sometimes the youth don't get credit for the good they do. I dropped the ball tonight. That's why I'm whipping myself.


Anonymous said...

You still did a fine job Cliff!! In the long term, what people will remember of this night, are how cute the kids were in their costumes. And will probably continue to wonder why half the kids in the other band forgot their instruments! (just to note, the Smithville director opted to not have the woodwind section pull out their instruments in the rain).
3 mistakes in all these years is a GOOD thing! You're still the best and, of course, the loudest!!!! And all ours!!
Thanks for a great season.

collegedj86 said...

I once accidentally dropped the first L in flagline when doing an announcement at a football game last year, and I also did it at a rehearsal earlier this year.

Don't feel bad... the students will receive their recognition from lots of people.

74WIXYgrad said...

Brenda:Thanks for all your support over the years. Just knowing the WGBB is behind me makes my job all the more enjoyable.

CollegeDJ86:I was in the pressbox with Dick Goddard the weekend before last and he told me some of the things he messed up while announcing. Things like "cold air mass" and "Tower City Center"-use your imagination. Dropping the l in flagline is embarassing but you still have a way to go in matching some of the long time professionals.