Friday, October 19, 2007

From the pressbox-Edison Band Show

From the department of better late than never, here is my report from the latest appearance of the World(wide web)famous Rittman Indians Marching Band.

In case you're wondering, the photo to your left is, from left to right, myself, and master of ceremonies, Dick Goddard. I had told Mr. Goddard that more people had heard of him, but more people have heard me. He agreed with me, as he is also of the belief that I am one of the loudest announcers around.

Now onto the show: Rittman was the first band out on the field this past Saturday night, which was a crisp fall evening. The band come out to a somewhat appreciative crowd with their standard classic rock program:"Paint it Black," "Old Tine Rock and Roll," "Rock N Roll All Nite," and our crowd pleaser, "Wipe Out".

If you notice the photo to your right, you will se a reflection of me holding the WIXYcam, as I was trying to get the shot through a window. Not intended but I thought the photo looked kinda neat.

To your left you see majorette advisor, Becky Cline igniting batons to be used in the majorette feature, "Paint it Black." I had teased her that I was going to say either she was trying to set fire to the field, or that she had to provide the lighting, which would be sad to have to do that for a school named "Edison".

The Rittman student musicians did their usual stellar job as did the other bands this evening. The other bands included:

Buckeye Central, from New Washington-46 Band members

Central Catholic High, from Toledo-42 Band members

Norwalk High-85 Band members

Open Door Christian School, Elyria-91 Band members

St. Francis Desales, Toledo,-42 Band members

Liberty Center-76 Band members

Host band Edison, from Milan had 120 student musicians. they were joined by 111 student musicians from the 7th and 8th grade bands from Berlin-Milan Middle school.

Photos above include Edison's Super Tuba Section taking the field and an Edison Marching Band trademark, the use of fire extinguishers to enhance the show. Well it was either that or they were putting out the fire that Becky Cline started.

Saturday night, as in tomorrow, is the annual Rittman Indian Band Revue. 7:00pm, Rittman Stadium. Be there.

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Frasypoo said...

Its good to put a face to the name !
Great commentary on this post.

About the reflection...I have a story.
My dad was very sick when I was getting married and could not come with us to the registrars office(we had to get married twice,once in church and once at the registrars office)and we did not have a digital camera those days.But when we got the pics developed there was a picture of my dad from another picture superimposed on the registrar office picture.It was neat.He died a day after we got married so that picture is very special!