Wednesday, October 31, 2007

High School all Over Again

Well, I have this new blogging friend. Her name is Bella. And she tagged me. I've been tagged before, but this time I'm going to play.

Rules of the game are:

A)Link to the personwho tagged you(I've already done that) and post the rules on your blog(I'm doing that now.)

B)Share 7 random or weird facts about yourself(funny, I've never thought of myself as random.)

C)Tag 7 random people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs(you mean I have to discriminate?)

D)Let each person know that they've been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog(I gotta tell them???)

1)I am a kid when it comes to celebrating my birthday. But then again, anyone who looked at this blog yesterday knows that.

2)I am the same person when I'm blogging that I am if you met me in real life.

3)I am very insecure. I'll leave out the part about being fat and not very good looking.

4)I love watching MASH. I have the complete set on DVD but still will watch it if I have the television on when it's on.

5)I enjoy making new friends through my blogs, even if they tag me for these stupid memes. Just kidding Bella.

6)I also enjoy the non blogging friends I have who give me encouragement regarding my blogs.

7)On my 21st birthday, I went around to the liquor stores to buy some spirits, just so they would card me and wish me a happy birthday(like on the Stroh's commercials running at that time.) I also went out after work that night, mixed my drinks and got sick instead of drunk.

Now I will tag Sindi, Jessica, Stacy, Pilgrim, Curmudgeon, Pat J., and Kathy(not Mrs74WIXYgrad). There are times like these I wish others had blogs. Yeah I mean you.


Pat Jenkins said...

well thanks for the tag wixy. this is the second time around for me on this so i will have to think of seven new things. a mash fan huh. tvland must be a favorite stop on the telly in the wixy home.....

74WIXYgrad said...

Actually I watch MASH on Hallmark channel.
TV Land is a frequent stop. But when I have control of the remote when MASH isn't on, I watch very little. Maybe NASCAR on theweekend.

Frasypoo said...

My husband is a fan of MASH and strangely my first ever boyfriend was too.Maybe I have similar taste in men and in blogging friends too!!!
I am addicted to Golden girls and Designing women

Sindi said...

Thanks for tagging me. I will try to do this one if I have the time. I think they are fun because you can get to know your blogger friends.

1. I am a big kid on my birthday too. The only bad side is I always get my feeling hurt and cry. This year was good, I only cried for an hour.

2.I am not the same person on blogger then in real life. I am very shy when it comes to meeting new people in pubic,but I am working on it.

3. Every one is insecure about themselves. We are all just how God made us and if we could just learn to live with that fact we would all be better off.

4. Ok, My Uncle never allowed anything on TV but Mash, so I think I have seen about every one ever made. They are ok:)
Nascar is great but it was better when Dale Sr. was still alive.

5. I love to meet new people too. You can never have to many friends.

6.I like my nonblogger friends too, if you did not have friends out side of blogger ones then you would be stuck talking only to nuts like me:) HE HE HE

OK I better shut up or I will be driving you crazy. Bye:)

Bella said...

I'm impressed that you followed through with the tag! Now it wasn't that bad, was it???

I remember as a kid trying so hard to get into MASH, but I could never do it. I wonder if I were to watch it now, as an adult, if it would be better...

:) Bella

Pilgrim said...

This is also my second hit on this and incidently that was the only time I ever responded to a meme (I think). The first tag came from a blogging friend across the pond, Sian. Because you are a friend, I will follow thorugh with your request.

The Curmudgeon said...

Second Effort is little more than random things already.... but let me cogitate on this some and we'll see....