Friday, October 26, 2007

From the Pressbox-Senior Night

This is the final edition of From the Pressbox for 2007.

Senior Night at Rittman Stadium: This was a night where the Rittman seniors in fall sports, cheerleaders and marching band members received deserved recognition for their years of participation.

Kickoff:The rain comes down, and the umbrellas go up. As the Rittman-Smithville matchup begins, the heavens opened. That was the first time this season the Rittman band had to wear their raincoats. Not bad for this year. Rittman has had their struggles this season. Smithville, as well is in a rebuilding season and has had a losing season, which is not common for them. I remarked to their band announcer ,as I was looking at the half full visitors bleachers, that Smithville, like everybody else, loves a winner.

Final Halftime: Smithville band performed in their raincoats this evening. The band wasn't as large as I remember past years "Marching Green Machine" groups. After a fine performance by the visitors, it's time for, one last time in 2007:


Being the last performance of the season and also the Friday before Halloween, the Rittman band came onto the field in costumes, playing "Pennsylvania 6-5000."

Next song featured a duet by Alissa and Jacob "Little Bitty Pretty One."

Next selection was a concert version of a past favorite of the past four marching seasons "Born to be Wild". Seniors, Alyssia, Andrew, Derek, Stephen, and Tyler, moved to the front of the band for this one.(see post below)

We closed marching season with Aimee and Brooke, our majorettes presenting their distinct twirling styles, while the band played "Paint it Black."

The Rittman band now gets ready for their concert season. Hopefully the first edition of "From the Bleachers" of 2008 will be posted shortly after the concert band's next performance, January 15.

Note to band parents: I now have plenty of photos from this marching season. I hope to have them on Photo Bucket in the next month. Would be sooner, but I will be on vacation in 2 weeks, and will be nowhere near a computer for about a week during that time.


Frasypoo said...

I bet it was cold!!

74WIXYgrad said...

Cold...and wet.

Pat Jenkins said...

that is unfortunate you have such a small team. it gives those who do go out alot more playing time though. i feel your pain. it would have been nice to acknowledge the seniors in their final year. but i think most kids are less worried with recognition then the parents are. none the less i know you want others to know what they have accomplished!!!!

Frasypoo said...

I had no clue who sang the national anthem yesterday,we were too far from the screens to see his face! need to tell my husband that "Bo Duke" did it.

Bella said...

Enjoyed your blog. kinda remends me of our high school here. Everyone is VERY supportive of out HS band and football team!

74WIXYgrad said...

Pat: Most parents are very supportive of the work I do as announcer. I've just completed my 8th season and the first question from students and parents alike is usually "Are you coming back next year?"

Bella: Thanks for stopping by. One of the nicer things about living in a smaller town like Rittman is a good portion of the town comes to the football games. Attendance has been down somewhat this year, but there is no real mass exodus after the game gets out of hand.