Saturday, March 08, 2008

Attention Cleveland Indians

Here is one of your angels in the outfield!


Amias said...

Losing someone you love is a hard pill to swallow --- writing about it helps, because it allows us to see that nothing ends, just change.

By the way, I loved that movie "Angels In The Outfield" ... they carry us so far, and than we have to walk the rest of the way ....

Love is such a beautiful gift, it stands to reason that it does not die when one passes on.

Bless your heart Cliff ... in each post your love shines through.

Chelle said...

Your brother was most definitely loved by you and your family and it shows,,,
The Cleveland Indians aret ruly blessed to have such an angel looking over them..
Prayers continue for you and our family...

Essence said...

I can understand a love of sports...I am a fan of the Atlanta Braves and follow most all their games each year.

Rick sure looks happy in his Cleveland Indians baseball outfit.

Thanks for sharing parts of his life with us...and also some of the love he shared in this lifetime.