Monday, March 17, 2008

Trying to Change Routines

First, I want to give a very heart felt thank you to those who left comments on the posts of the last two weeks. Kathy and I miss Ricky, but I feel that he was assisting me in my blogging for the past 13 days. I wish everybody who reads my words could have met my brother.

Since most of the posts were personal, most of my custom language e.g. WIXYmobile, Mrs74WIXYgrad, WIXYjr., etc were absent in my stories. I'm hoping to slide back into my persona. And WIXYcam photos may make their appearance again this week.

Congratulations to Liquid for posting number 1000. Leave it to the blue one to do it twice as good as me. She's one tough cookie.

And while I'm at it and seeing it's St. Patrick's Day, congratulations to our own green nurse, Bella for post number 100. And another congratulations to our Italian Leprechaun for passing her certification exam for Inpatient Obstectrics.


kasper794 said...

Just wanted you to know I have visited and I have truly enjoyed all of the stories about your brother. I haven't always been able to comment.

wzzp said...

Opening Day in two weeks! Play ball.

Liquid said...

Your memoirs are pricless and precious. Thank you for sharing them!