Friday, March 21, 2008

Better than we deserve

Anyone who listens to Dave Ramsey has heard Dave say when asked how he's doing, "I am better than I deserve."

Anyone who has read my blog in the past few months has caught me saying "Why me Lord?"

I was going to take some time away from the keyboard, as I was worried that I was going to drive my readers away because of my tales of woe, especially after I sent out an email to one of my dearest friends which ended with the words "My life sucks." My wife had called me and told me she was having chest pains and shortness of breath, which ended up being pulled muscles in her chest wall.

I've been wondering why my life has been going the way it has in the past few months. I guess I've been attending the wrong church. I need to go to one where the pastor can stand in the pulpit and tell me I'm scum, but I digress.

In my self pity this morning, I'm reminded as to why we observe this day, Good Friday. We observe this day because of what Jesus did for us.

Jesus, come to this world to suffer what we should have suffered. I got ticketed last month for something I didn't think was right, but was not in error. Jesus was accused of many things He never did. He was defenseless when brought in front of a a judge during an illegal trial.

Jesus was slapped, spit upon, had his beard plucked out. He was stripped naked and whipped with a cat o nine tails 39 times. the flesh was ripped from His back. He was brought before Pontious Pilate, who ended up doing what was popular over what was right.

He was hung on a cross in front of the false accusers. His friends all left His presence. One of His friends denied three times he ever knew Him.

Jesus is God in the flesh. He come to Earth to suffer for what he didn't deserve in order for those who accept this sacrifice not to get what we do deserve.

There is no way I could suffer the way my Lord did. How about you?


Sindi said...

That was very touching. Sometimes when bad things happen to us we tend to forget how blessed we are. We forget about the gifts that have been given to us and what Jesus had to go through for us. Each day I have to remind myself that what I go through in my life could never match up to what He went through for me.

God Bless you and your family. Happy Easter and Happy Good Friday:-)

Linda Jones Malonson said...

I enjoyed the post, but couldn't help thinking as I was reading about what Jesus suffered, and how he was beat and treated with such injustice --- that a lot of my "brothers" are beat like this today --- but I am not taking anything away from your wonderful post, just felt like saying this ---

Have a Good Friday Cliff, and keep on writing. Adversities, I have discovered makes us strong!

david5258 said...


Melanie said...

Great post!

Liquid said...

I am reminded to be humble.
Every day ..... going on 4 months now.

Nah, I'm no where NEAR his league!!