Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I like Amel because....

Bear with me as it's been 2 weeks since I've done one of these posts.

I got to know Amel through the Terre Haute gang. Amel, however, doesn't live within walking distance of Terre Haute. She lives in Finland and was the poster that made my blog intercontinental. She used to be the youngest one on my blogroll until a certain daughter of mine decided to blog away.

Amel came to Finland, which is where some of my ancestors came from, by way of Indonesia. She has been in the land of all too cold for a little over a year now. She first come my way, reading my Seek Him First blog and told me she likes to read the faith based blogs because she likes to learn from them. She is also one whom I forward my Turning Point devotionals to right after I receive them every day, and has returned very nice comments about how she needed that.

Amel is very devoted to her husband Arttu, as he is quite often a subject of her posts. She also loves the family she has married into and shows love and respect for her parents.

Amel has a way of making a trip to the market sound like the adventure of a lifetime, seasonimg it with her sense of humor and plenty of laughter(he he he he he).

If you haven't read Amel's Realm, I suggest you go on over and give it a read. She has a habit of making you feel like a long lost friend.


Liquid said...

Amel is precious. I just love reading her blog as she, along with many others, has brought a smile to my face with her great and funny out look on life.

And, she is bringin' the Indo/Chinese and chili to the party!

Sindi said...

Amel is awesome. She is a very good person who stands by her blogger friends.
I always worry when I can't blog or stop by other's blogs. Amel always tells me that she will be here waiting for me and I can take all the time I need. She reminds me of how wonderful all my blogger friends are.

Kathy said...

I like Amel too! She is so sweet and very wise.

Linda Jones Malonson said...

I am on my way to visit her, and looking forward to it.

Michelle said...

I don't even remember if I found Amel or the other way around. All I know is there'd be a big empty spot in my internet life if she wasn't there.