Monday, March 31, 2008

I like Diamond because......

With winter over and days longer we can all get more exercise in. That, along with eating right can help us all lose some pounds and start to maintain a healthier lifestyle.

A blog I have notice increase in popularity among those I pay regular visits to is called "A Day in the Zone." The author of this blog, Diamond, is a young mother who is trying to lose weight and is bringing us all along for the journey in hopes that we join her in this more than worthy cause.

One thing Diamond and I have in common is we are both quality inspectors. We both get a good deal of walking in during the day but we also get a more than ample amount of sitting time.

I have sent people Diamond's way in the past and they have either left favorable remarks on her blog, or here. The reason the remarks are left is because she has a quality product there(maybe ISO 9002) There is something for everybody there. She gives weight loss tips and bargins she has found. We also get a peek into her personal life.

Lately Diamond's efforts haven't given her the results she desires, so she's decided to make an adjustment in the program she is following. Go on over to "A Day in the Zone" and cheer her on. I know from past experience that Diamond will come over and do the same for you.


Monday through Sunday said...

Love it when you do this! Thanks for the referral..enjoyed my visit!

Diamond said...

Your sooo sweet. Thanks Cliff!

jennifer said...

I just posted yesterday about my weight struggle and body image. I am heading over to see Diamond.

Enjoyed strolling through your blog. Be blessed.