Saturday, March 08, 2008

Greetings from Snowy Rittman, Ohio

These are the scenes that I saw looking out my door this morning. We got slammed overnight. We knew this was coming, but I was hoping that this would be the storm that Cincinnati, or Buffalo would get instead. I think they got it also.

We are supposed to have Ricky's memorial service this afternoon. We still will be at the church if anybody intends to come.

My family never were too keen on funerals and memorial services and I can imagine this conversation going on between Ricky and our mom this past Wednesday:

Ricky: I guess Clifford and Kathy are going to have a memorial service for me this Saturday.

Mom: I told them not to make a big deal out of this and they didn't have to.

Ricky: Well, you know, I still owe Clifford for the time he told me he threw the elbow grease on the truck. And there also was the time he sent me for a blivot when we were in boy scouts. And a few other times....

Mom: Alright. Alright. What do you want to do?

Ricky: You know we do have connections now. And I really don't want opening day to be snowed out this year...


Martha said...

I totally see that conversation. Always one to want to do want things his way, wasn't he.

struke said...

Cliff...this was definitely the worst weather event I have ever been involved in. I was 8 years old when the blizzard of '78 hit.

Was this snowstorm classified as a blizzard or not? Do you know?

Martha said...


I was living in Dover, DE in DAFB housing in 2003 when in just over 2days we got 22 inches of snow. The state had no salt and only 2 plows. They called the national guard in. I was also nine months pregnant (This hit the 19th and I was due the 21st. Thankfully, he was late). My ob told me if I should go into labor, I should prepare for a home birth. The day before it hit, people stormed the grocers to get bread milk and bottled water (?!) At least here, people are used to it and don't panic and they have plows, salt etc.

But to answer your question, yes this was upgraded to a blizzard.

Essence said...

That is quite a snow fall and you made me smile reading Rick`s conversation with his mother.
Cliff, you have a talent with telling a tale which make a person want to keep on reading more...and more.


struke said...

According to Cliff's favorite radio station this morning...this storm didn't quite meet blizzard criteria, at least in Ohio. It needed to have winds of at least 35 miles per hour with visibility less than a quarter-mile for three hours straight. Combine those two conditions with the snowfall and we've got a blizzard.