Monday, March 24, 2008

A WIXY's Gone Bananas public service announcement

A while back I wrote in my "I like Sindi because....." post that she makes a mean pot of potato soup. When I wrote that there were inquiries in my comment section about obtaining the recipe. She responded that she didn't have a recipe per say, but went into the Life is a Roller Coaster test kitchen and paid special attention as she cooked a special pot for her family. She even posted pictures of this culinary delight. In the post, Sindi gives variations by other members of the Terre Haute gang and assures us that it's all good.

If you are now hungry, click here, and in Sindi's words he he he he he. And keep in mind, all ingredients can be purchased at your local Evil Big Box Store. Folks in Terre Haute can go to Evil Big Box Store #4235 or #1310.

Question for Kasper: Do you still have to do the squiggily?

Cliff Note:The link is fixed and you will now get to Sindi's post by clicking there or here.


Liquid said...

I am headed right over.
I've got the munchies and need to think about lunch!


david5258 said...

cliff--to quote miss peller:
"where's the recipe for beef soup?"

david 5258

kasper794 said...

I work at #4235 and yes we still do the squiggly!

74WIXYgrad said...

I was once employed at #1812 before it became an Evil Big Box Store.