Friday, July 18, 2008

Finally Friday

This week is winding to a close and I cannot be happier.

Thank you to those who went over to wish Cathouse Teri a happy birthday on Wednesday. Teri has been a tremendous supporter of my blogs, so I just wanted to return the favor. Don't ever be scared away from the blog because of implied content. Teri is a loving person who gives her unique views on a variety of issues.

A good friend of mine has a blog in the works. When she launches it, the WIXY's Gone Bananas promotion department will help spread the word.

Speaking of friends with blogs, a friend of mine, Jim, has a blog documenting his struggles with OCD. Pay him a visit and give him a word of encouragement.

A WIXY's Gone Bananas editorial
Now, there are folks who read these blogs who aren't bloggers. In some cases these are friends, co workers, or family members. Sometimes it's someone who feel they have an axe to grind with the blogger. This was the case with a blog on my list this past week. The person reading this blog wasn't content with all the turmoil they had caused in this other person's life and they went to other blogs on their blog roll and made damaging comments there. The great thing about this blogging group is we have respect one for another and this case was no different. The blogger who received the comment got in contact with the other blogger. I just want to say to this person making the damaging comment-Try to be an adult. If you can't be satisified with the damage you have already caused, then you are the one who needs help.

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Michelle said...

Hi Cliff

Sorry to hear about the childish blogger. Hope you have a great weekend!