Monday, July 21, 2008

Monday Moaning

I want to air a pet peeve that occurred to me over the weekend.

I'm traveling down the road at 55MPH when suddenly I see this sign advertising a yard sale. The sign is small and the lettering is smaller. The people decide to list half of their worldly possessions on this sign, which is now taking on the characteristics of a post it note.

Excuse me, but I am trying to safely control my vehicle. Putting a sign next to the ground will only attract wildlife. I am currently wearing trifocals, so don't expect me to read small print, especially traveling 55MPH.

Remember in some cases, less is more. concentrate on the WHAT and the WHERE.
WHAT: Yard sale
WHERE: 321 Main Street.


Daisy said...

Good advice, Wixy. I certainly think they would attract more customers if their sign was visible and straight to the point.

Jen said...

Now if you were Bill Engvall, you would have taken them a sign...