Tuesday, July 22, 2008

What's in a name?

Cliff Note:This is partially a repost with some updated information. Original post appeared November 25, 2006.
I was going through one of my e-mail accounts that I hardly use anymore, and I got a greeting from someone who shares the same name as myself(no, not 74WIXYgrad). This Cliff Feightner was brought to my attention and I was brought to his when I was a salesman at Fretter from 1988-1992. People would ask me if I had a relative who was a supervisor at Goodyear. I would tell them not to my knowledge. Then one day during December, 1990 the "other Cliff" come into the store for the express reason to meet me. At the time he was living in Cuyahoga Falls.

We later determined that we were distant relatives. Two of our common ancestors, Henry and John Feitner(the surname was later Anglicized) came to the colonies to work for George Washington as a stone mason.

We later were at the same family reunion together. His wife made a chocolate cake, which was very delicious. He later was transferred to Germany, where he spent three years, and retired to Florida.

Well, the "other Cliff" was surfing the web and found this humble blog and decided to drop me a very nice cyber note, bringing me up to date on his life.

As some know, I have a Facebook account and one day recently I get this email that "Cliff Feightner wants to be my friend." I was taken aback for a second but realized that this was the "other Cliff." So I answered that one.

As I was getting ready for work this morning, I decided to" Google" my name to see which Cliff Feightner got top billing. It wasn't me but the consolation to that one is that the "other Cliff" now is CEO of I Store Marketing LLC, a company that markets a variety of product by "high placement on internet search engines." So I guess that would be why he gets the higher placement of the two of us.

Another thing that I found out is he is a member of Mensa, which would be the bigest difference between the two of us.


Pat Jenkins said...

that's pretty wild!!... hey wixy how is ole rittman's foosball team gonna be this year? we don't have long till you will be on the mic again!!

74WIXYgrad said...

August 14, which is 23 days from now, I make my 2008 debut as the voice of the Rittman Indians marching band, as the band participates in the Mogodore Band Show.

Daisy said...

How interesting that there is another Cliff and that you managed to cross paths! What fun!

Jen said...

That's pretty neat that he came to visit you.
So I googled my name...
take your pick..I could be any one of those million. I love my last name. LOL