Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Wanted: A decent local talk show!

Talk radio has gone pretty much down the toilet here in the early days of the 21st century. I have used precious space here on this blog bemoaning this fact and I'm sure that no matter where you are at, you may have the same problem. The callers are mostly from the host's good ole boy network and if one gets through who disagrees with the host, he gets brow beaten by said host, who thinks he(or she) is king of the world.

Here is a sample of a segment:

Host: I said it would be like this, but all you morons said it would be different. The mayor is a joke, city council is a joke, the voters are a joke.

Producer #1: But you were wrong about something two weeks ago.

Host: get over here and let me slap you!

Producer # 2: he he yuk yuk yuk, it's all about the chicken!

Intern: I think you're the greatest!

Host: Let's go to the phones. WMAT, you're in the air!

Caller: Hey slick, you coming over to play cards tonight?

Host: Yeah, I'll be coming in my Mitsubishi. You going to order pizza from Zeppys?

Caller: As long as you bring the Labat blue.

Producer #2: He he yuk yuk yuk. It's all about the chicken.

Intern: It's an honor being here.

You see, all intelligent content.


struke said...

The first line of this post is so dead on for the slob on the radio. He always says, "the city is a joke. The mayor is a joke." The talk show host is a joke.

His show is a waste of time.

May I suggest the call letters WFAT?

I have been listening to WKNR a whole lot more. Even though WTAM is the flagship station for the Indians, WKNR has been scoring a lot of good interviews inside the Tribe and out in regards to the Sabathia trade and other professional sports news.

74WIXYgrad said...

I am not qualified to make fat jokes, being somewhat rotund myself.

wzzp said...

Hmmm...When did you become a Rotunda?

I would be an excellent afternoon talk show host. I keep telling Ray Davis to put me on the air. I will get my license out of mouth balls.

"City council stinks, the Whale Building stinks, the airport stinks, Rado stinks, Clear Channel stinks, Sharon Reed stinks, sceevies stink..etc"

74WIXYgrad said...

Just look at the picture two posts down. That's me standing next to the car. You see, too much chicken, none of it named Mister.

Now compared to the folks on the afternoon drive show on the station formerly known as 3WE, I'm quite the slim one.

david5258 said...

cliff-check out matt patrick on hello radio, newstalk640 from 5 to 7.

matt asks the difficult questions, doesn't make stupid jokes, doesn't overeat on the air, and actually converses with his callers.

kk hit a homer bring matt to pm drive.


74WIXYgrad said...

If I'm out between 5-7, I will have to remember to check Matt Patrick out.