Monday, July 28, 2008

It's all about the Hebrew Nationals

This past Saturday, I had some running around to do which involved going into Parma. On my way there I stopped at Marc's on Pearl Rd., in Strongsville. They were giving away free hot dogs as part of the "Dog days of Summer"promotion.

Paul Rado, left, and Marty Allen, two producersof the Mike Trivisonno show on WTAM/1100, and two very nice guys, were on hand to give the free Hebrew National hot dogs, along with iced tea and other snacks.
The two gentlemen were good enough to pose for a photo with me. They also have a pretty good sense of humor about their weight. Marty was concerned about the photo quality. I told him I could probably touch it up after I downloaded the photos on my computer. Marty asked me if I could make him look thinner and I told him this photo made me look thinner.

There are folks who post on the forums and call the Triv show making cracks about the weight of the producers and Trivisonno himself. Doesn't work though, as they make fun of it before others do anyhow. Cliff Note: It's just a juvenile attempt to make one look better than another. And what goes around comes around.


Jen said...

You sure do get around to where all the excitement is going on!

david5258 said...

cliff--someone made a comment on rizzo's really big show about how radio personalities have MAJOR weight issues. if you listen to the way guys like rizz and hammer, triv-marty-rado-and female of the day describe their "free food days"--its no wonder. the way hayzoos describes his creations from mallorca to triv and hammer salivates over the blue restauarant, i add 2 # just listening. lol. cheeseburgers in paradise are too lean and cheap for these guys.

Daisy said...

Yumm, free hot dogs! :D

74WIXYgrad said...

Not just any hot dogs. They were Hebrew National all beef hotdogs. And these guys know where all the good food is.

Pat Jenkins said...

i am with daisy i see a sign of free hot dogs i am there!!!

Liquid said...

I just love Hebrew National Hot Dogs. Hard to find "kosher" weiners these days!

{{{{Back online.......just in my new home-town in Georgia! :) }}}}

Geeeeeeeeeze at the catchin' up I've gotta do!

Missed you much!

74WIXYgrad said...

Liquid! We all missed you too.

Anonymous said...

You should see the 4th of July Nathans Hot Dog eating contest in New York's Coney Island.

66 Hot Dogs in 12 minutes!