Saturday, July 05, 2008

Three stations, one dealership

So what do you do on a holiday weekend when you don't have a lot of resources?

Yesterday afternoon, I decided to go to Fred Martin Superstore, a car dealership in my home area. At the dealership they had on display the #9 Dodge Dealers, car, driven in the NASCAR Sprint Series by Kasey Kahne.

I took Mrs74 along with me, although the only thing she ever wants to do with one of those cars is take a hot lap in one.

We got there and was directed towards the car. There were many salespeople sitting around. Don't need to wonder why. They're the Fred Martin guys, they know cars. They might know them, but kinda hard to sell them during a recession.

When I got back to where the car was there was also a table setup by Christian radio station WFHM/95.5 the Fish. Two other stations were also setting up 94.9/WQMX and 100.7/WMMS.

The radio geek in me thought that this was peculiar: Three radio stations, three separate companies. The Fish is owned by Salem Communications, WMMS is owned by Clear Channel, and WQMX is owned by(the locally owned and operated)Rubber City Radio Group.

I got me some freebies from the radio stations and a can of Diet Coke along with a sausage sandwich, courtesy of The Fred Martin car guys(they don't know sausage)

Oh, I also got to see the car.

Cliff Note: All you northeast Ohio radio geeks take notice of the WMMS bumper sticker that I scanned. See the cartoon character depicted on the sticker? The Buzzard is back.

Additional Cliff Note:As Mike Dane pointed out in the comment section, WQMX and not WQKT(as I originally had put in this post) is owned by the locally owned and operated Rubber City Radio Group.

Personal to the Danemeister:are you ever going to blog again?


wzzp said...

C.C. traded. Dark day in Cleveland sports history. Just like so many others!

Jen said...

"sausage sandwich" ??
didn't they know it was hot dog and mustard day?

struke said... you know where I can get a Buzzard t-shirt? Hopefully, a new one at that.

Mike Dane said...

Hey Cliff WQMX is rubber city radio.
I don't know off hand who owns WQKT.

Struke, I don't know if Daffy Dan's
is still around or not, but that is
where I'd start looking.

74WIXYgrad said...

Mike, thanks for pointing out that mindless mistake on my part.

There is going to be a correction made, along with a Cliff Note pointing out the blunder.

Pat Jenkins said...

strap a helmet on ya and you would have been the spitten image of kahne wixy!!... mms had gotten rid of the buzzard at one time? go figure!!

74WIXYgrad said...

For awhile, they were known simply as 100.7, no WMMS, no Buzzard. That's the main reason that I was surprised to see that bumper sticker. I also picked myself up a buzzard mousepad.

In 1997, they were getting ready to bury the buzzard. Plans were made to change the station to Kiss 100.7 when a public outrage changed management minds.