Thursday, July 03, 2008

Hot Diggety Dog

The fourth is approaching. Time to fire up the grill and roast some weenies. But what will you put on them? Here at the WIXYranch, my favorite condiment is Stadium Mustard, which is also the official mustard of Regressive Field, home of the defending American League Central division champions(and now playoff pretenders) Cleveland Indians.

But the area also has another preferred mustard, Bertman Ballpark Mustard. My friend over at All Things Cleveland has posted about the Great Mustard Debate. I suggest you give it a read, as it's a very tastefully done article. She prefers Bertman. I like them both, but buy Stadium Mustard. I think we can agree to disagree.

Whatever you put on your sandwich, enjoy it and have a happy fourth.


Jen said...

No condiments for me.
I am a plain jane.
Happy 4th to you!

Pat Jenkins said...

you know wixy i like my chances in a hot dog eating contest!!.. with or without em!!

The Curmudgeon said...

From what I can tell (and I've watched the last three Cleveland games rather closely... for some reason) the Indians are a pretty good team. I wish we didn't have to play them 874 times every season.

74WIXYgrad said...

If only the tribe didn't have that guy anmed Murphy on the roster.

Monday through Sunday said...

Love mustard on my hot dog..onion and kraut..are good as well. mmm!

Happy Independence Day!!

Daisy said...

Put cheese on mine! :D

Happy Fourth to you!

wzzp said...

I'm "stuffing" the ballot box for coleslaw!