Friday, July 04, 2008

Some Definitions

Cliff Note: I hope everybody here in the states have had a good fourth of July so far. I am currently working on a project over at Whattville Is on the Other Side of the Tracks, and I hope to have it up by Sunday night.

As a courtesy to those new readers of this blog, I would like to give an explanation of some of my language here at WIXY's Gone Bananas

74WIXYgrad- That is me. My given name is Cliff.

Mrs74WIXYgrad, aka Mrs74-My wife, Kathy.

WIXYjr-Our son, Adam. Cliff Note:We also have 2 daughters, Martha and Sylva. Martha has three blogs of her own.

WIXYmobile- My basic mode of transportation, a 1999 Chevy Metro.

MrsWIXYmobile-My wife's basic mode of transportation, currently a 1995 Ford Crown Victoria.

WIXYranch-My home base.

WIXYcam-My digital camera.

WIXY/AT&Tphonecam- My cell phone camera.

World's Greatest Band Boosters(WGBB)-The band booster group of the Rittman Indians Marching Band. These folks treat the band announcer(me)quite well. Their previous treasurer, Brenda, is one of my best friends.

Evil Big Box Store-My tongue in cheek reference to any Wal*Mart Supercenter.

Cliff Note-Any side comment I may make.


wzzp said...

Fried Chicken - slow death by oral fat injection

david mcmahon said...

WGBB - I like that!

Pat Jenkins said...

the complete idiots guide to wixydom!!!