Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Back to work notes.

You think your job is busy? One of the blogs that originates in my home area is called Have I Got News for You, written by Eric Mansfield. Eric works at the Akron bureau of WKYC-TV3, Cleveland. He gives a behind the scenes look at some of the work he does in putting a story together for the news. Today he wrote a post about getting two stories when he was only going for one. Also gives the reader a look at how potentially dangerous the job can be. I also think Eric Mansfield and Struke were coworkers at one time. Cliff Note:Eric's latest post is about Ohio national guard troops being sent to the hurricane zone. He was one of the guardsmen sent to assist with relief for Katrina in 2005.

I made myself older this morning. As I was leaving a comment on Brenda's blog, I said that I was turning 55 in less than 14 months. The truth is that I am currently 52 and not 53, with my birthday being towards the end of next month. So I won't turn "double nickels" for close to 26 months. Hold off on that Golden Buckeye card for awhile. But because I'm not a fan of Just for Men, I get the senior discount automatically quite often.


Daisy said...

Oh well, 52-53 give or take a year here and there. The number doesn't matter as long as you're young at heart. :D

Anonymous said...

Glad you clarified the whole age thing Cliff! Haha.

Funny how the older we get, we sometimes have to really think about how old we are. Probably not you...but me!


74WIXYgrad said...

Thank you, Daisy. I just figured that since I'm the second oldest one who hangs around this blog(and comments) I should be honest with my age, so the rest of you don't feel any older.

Daisy and Bella, you both might be interested in going over to Eric Mansfield's blog. He spent a good part of yesterday(9/3)at an Obama appearance in the area, covering it for WKYC-TV. He put up some interesting posts.

Anonymous said...

"in this group are Obama supporters"

Well we won't hold that against you.