Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday Notebook

I know, I've fallen behind again. I can explain. Monday I bought my new WIXYmobile. Later this week I fell ill, so Wednesday evening, I spent in my recliner with the television on only as "white noise". Last evening I was working on my "From the Pressbox" for this past Saturday's Lakewood show, when Blogger went down for maintenance. I will get that up sometime tomorrow since the photos are in my laptop at home.

Right now I have this desire to eat everything in sight but my taste buds are dead. That's the phase of my cold now. I should get rid of this shortly, like sometime next April.

Tonight is Rittman's homecoming game against rival Norwayne. No show tomorrow, so I will have it easy this weekend with just halftime tonight. Weather permitting, I can go to the inlaw's and mow their yard.

Mrs74 update: Kathy continues to improve and has started driving short distances. It helps that she got her car back this week.

The New WIXYmobile is a 1995 Chrysler Cirrus. It was a two owner car and very well maintained. I paid well below Kelly Blue Book price for it. The previous owner had decided to stop driving as his vision was deteriorating and felt he wasn't safe on the road. It has more leg room than the former WIXYmobile and the cruise control will help me on my drives to work in the morning since I now can move my feet around, preventing cramping. And those who were concerned about the size of the old WIXYmobile will be glad to know that I now have more car around me. I also feel special with the power windows and power door locks. It also has a cassette player and I can again enjoy my MP3's and once again attend "Automobile University." I will take and post photos soon.

The old WIXYmobile? It's been recommissioned as the WIXYjrmobile.


Pat Jenkins said...

hey can i get a lift?... good luck to the indians. we can't have the alumni back to see them get drilled this evening.... and you and kathy both get better!!!

wzzp said...

What's the MPG like on the new car? Can I use the old WIXYmobile to honk of the neighbors?

Jen said...

Congrats on the new car!
Make sure you practice using your power buttons in the driveway before going out on the road - I hate getting in a new car and not knowing where anything is.
And get well to you and :D to the Mrs for her recovery!

Daisy said...

Sorry to hear you have been under the weather this week, Cliff. Hope you are feeling better soon. :)

Mike Dane said...

Wixy mobile, wixyjr mobile? is that trickle down economics?
Get better Cliff you can't go
to the Sonic if you're sick

Anonymous said...

Hope you're feeling much better.

Glad Mrs. Wixy is making progress.

And, congrats on the (new) wixymobile!!!

Diamond said...

Yeah! A new car, how exciting. Hope you are feeling better.