Saturday, September 13, 2008

From the Pressbox: Northwestern

Coming to you from Huskies Stadium, the home of the Northwestern Huskies, here is the first edition of From The Pressbox from an away game, the first away game the Rittman band has performed at since the playoff game in 2005.

Our young, but determined Rittman Fighting Indians took on the Northwestern Huskies this past Friday night. At the end of the first quarter the game was a scoreless tie. After a few miscues by the young Indians, Northwestern went into the locker room at the half with a 13-0 advantage.

But I'm here to report about our favorite high school student musicians, the Rittman Indians Marcnhing band. They took to the somewhat wet field to the delight of the Northwestern faithful, many of which came to the game dressed as empty seats.

The band come on to the field with a rousing rendition of "Rock Lobster" Tonight there was no worry about me repeating my miscue of the past weekend, as for the first time since I started announcing in the 2000 season, there were no majorettes performing. The band performed their circles upon circles to "Dancing in the Dark," and tonight it was our band and not Bruce Springsteen, who was "the Boss."

Our percussion section once again proved that garbage cans weren't just for sanitation purposes as they performed their critically acclaimed hit "Ode to a Refuse Container." The night's performance was capped off by "Mass Brass" featuring the unique maching style of the Rittman Indians Marching band.

Considering the fact that it had been raining all day, the band put on a spectacular performance.

The game? the Fighting Indians were on the short end of a 28-14 tilt and fell to 0-4.


Daisy said...

Well, it's too bad the team didn't bring home a victory, but I bet the music was great! Hope you enjoyed the game, Wixy. :)

Liquid said...


Pat Jenkins said...

i am suprised the rittman fighting indians never take their band to away games. quite the tradition to have both school's band blarin' in these neck of the woods wixy... and maybe rittman needs to schedule our northwestern. (where our daughter goes...) they themselves have started their normal 0-4. somethings got to give there!!!

Pat Jenkins said...
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Speedcat Hollydale said...

I wish I could have seen the band!!

Hello from SpeedyCat :-)