Monday, September 01, 2008

Labor Day laborings

Okay, today being Labor Day, I had the day off from my job, but not from work. First I has to cut some grass over at my in laws. Mrs74 went to see them, which was the first time she had seen her parents since the surgery. They also got to see their great grandchildren and had a ball playing with them. While we were there we had a small cookout. During dinner, though several sets of eyes were glued to the Weather Channel as hurricane Gustav had made landfall. Me, I was playing with the grandchildren, but praying for all my friends in the coastal states.

Back at home, I decided to check my email and blogs on the main computer and it started shutting down, due to overheating. I got a can of air and blew it out through some of the vents, but made it worse. I then called Best Buy, where I bought the computer. The Geek Squad "agent" who took my call told me that it could be many things wrong and the dust inside the computer could have caused extensive damage to the computer. I then called a friend who works on computers on the side and left a message on his voice mail. Meanwhile I decided to do the unthinkable: fix it myself. I went to get some tools. Cliff Note: Some in my family feel that I should have my tools registered with the local police department.

I then very delicately took the cover off the cpu and noticed one of the fans was partially blocked by dust. I took my can of compressed air and blew out all fans and wiped out all the dust I could reach. I plugged the computer back in and listened to the fans hum. The computer stayed on for several minutes. I then hooked up the monitor and mouse and instructed Mrs74 to properly turn the computer off. After putting the cover back together and hooking everything back up, we turned the computer back on and at this moment it is still running. Call Mr.Ripley. He won't believe it. I actually fixed something! BTW, I am writing this post on my laptop. No problem,we are just running Spy Bot on it.

I hope all had a good holiday and I hope all my southern friends have stayed safe and dry.


Shellmo said...

Very impressive that you fixed it yourself! I'm always afraid of messing things up further!

Liquid said...

Don't cha' just love those cans of compressed air?!

I taunt my cat, AhChoo, with it sometimes.

Glad you were able to get out and enjoy the festivities of the holiday!

Tell the Mrs.Wixy I hope she is healing rapidly!

thank you for the red feather.


Pat Jenkins said...

d.y.i. baby.. d.y.i.....

Daisy said...

Hurray for Mr. Fix-it! Now we can call you Mr. Fixy-Wixy! HA HA! :D