Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Some Updates

Mrs74 progress report: Kathy is doing better everyday and both her doctor and physical therapist are very pleased with her progress. She should be able to be back driving soon. This leads me to my next item...

I'm in the process of looking for a new WIXYmobile. I almost settled on one yesterday but a couple of red flags were raised. As the salesman was backing the vehicle in the space after the test drive, it was making thes clicking sound from the engine. The other red flag was when they wouldn't come down on price, and this was despite the fact that they were selling it as is. According to Kelly Blue Book(I was doing my homework) they had several hundred dollars to play with. I have time to look so I don't have to settle on the first thing. I also know a few mechanics.

Ike damage: We were very fortunate. We had a lot of wind on Sunday, but at the WIXYranch, we had no damage, just a few dead branches fell out of trees. There were many power outages in Northeast Ohio, and many schools were closed on Monday. I knew several who weren't as blessed as we were and had extensive damage done to their yards and houses, and as this writing there are some in the area still without power. I am sure I will have to clean gutters sooner than expected though.


Liquid said...

Glad to hear that Mrs.Wixy is doing so much better.
And also glad to hear that you survived Ike's rage. My thoughts and prayers go out to all who have suffered and continue to do so after the storm.


Brenda said...

We were lucky also, no damage, just limbs. We were without power for 6 hrs. But after the pictures I seen on MSNBC's web site of Texas, I will not complain. My boss here in Wooster still has no power!!

Glad Mrs. Wixy is getting getting around better. Give her my best.

Daisy said...

Good luck with the new car search.

I'm glad to hear Mrs. Wixy is on the mend and that you didn't have to deal with much storm damage.

All we had here were some bouts of heavy rain, which we desperately needed anyway, so we were very lucky.

Diamond said...

Good to hear the wifey is doing good. Good luck finding a new car, I always have having to do that.

Doc said...

Good to hear the Mrs. is doing well.
Here in Smithville we were without electric from Sunday until two hours ago (Wednesday). Large trees fell all over town.

dons_mind said...

good to hear the missus is doing well with her rehab....

we were really blessed being here in west texas - we had beautiful blue skies and sunshine as the storm tracked by just a few hundred miles to the east of us.

we had lots and lots of evacuees in the campground with us, but they've all left now in an attempt to get back to their homes.

God watch over them all...

74WIXYgrad said...

Thanks all for checking in.

And Liquid, I'll guess it's unusual to be hearing about hurricane damage in the Midwest states.

And Don, we will pray for those directly and indirectly affected in Texas.

I was listening to my favorite whipping boy as I was coming home from work tonight and he was talking about how ridiculous people sounded complaining about their electric being out when folks in Texas lost their homes.

Believe me, I felt that I was one of the most fortunate ones. I lost nothing.

frasypoo said...

Best wishes to Mrs WIXY
We have really cool weather here and they mentioned that it was becuase of Ike.
We are praying for the evacuees as they try to get back and clean up