Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Three Passings

Lately I have been aware of three passings, probably only one of which most of the folks who visit my blog are aware of.

That one would be Paul Newman. He was born and raised in Northeast Ohio, Shaker Heights to be exact. I like millions, enjoyed his movies, and the movie screen was the closest to ever meeting this giant of entertainment. Of course Paul Newman lost his battle with cancer at age 83.

The second of which was a long time radio personality, legendary in my home area. His name was Chris Quinn, "The Mighty Quinn." Chris participated in some of the radio forums I also commented on, using the name "discjacquee." He had worked with others from those boards, who also check in here every so often. I never met Chris, but we did have email contact. He gave me every impression that he was a gentleman. Others on the forums say that he was a pro in every sense of the word and a legend in the industry. Chris died as a result of congestive heart failure and was 59.

The third was a friend and a coworker. Jim was one of the original employees of the company where I work. He taught me some of the things of a job I had when I was a somewhat new employee, and always laughed at my jokes. He was a friend to many there and will be missed. Jim had lung cancer and hadn't been to work in months, but the place still feels a bit empty today. Jim was 58.

I lost my father and my brother to congestive heart failure. I lost my older sister and my favorite aunt to cancer. Outside of my brother, the others passed away years ago. There are times I just wish there would be a cure for cancer discovered where you would take one pill and it's gone. But that is just selfish thinking on my part. The human side of me can't understand why people suffer. The Christian in me knows that after I suffer, there's something better awaiting me.

There's still an empty part of me today.


Monday through Sunday said...

I am sorry for your loss. Just think..you may not suffer...you may actually die in your bed an old man...:)

Daisy said...

The loss is definitely felt by those left behind in spite of the fact that you know those who have gone ahead are in a better place. I can understand what you mean by sensing the emptiness. Best thing to do is fill that emptiness with good memories of those lost I think. The sadness will fade but it takes time.

Pat Jenkins said...

why don't we talk about births in threes, instead of deaths?.....

Jen said...

Sorry to hear about your friends wixy. Seems the older we get it all hits closer to home too.
Joy in heaven is the ultimate goal!

Liquid said...

They say that deaths come in three's.
Grateful I was not among this trivecta!

74WIXYgrad said...

My main point behind this post was that the first passing, that of Paul Newman, was of international importance. Though he was from my region, Paul Newman belonged to the world. I never met him.

The second passing, Chris Quinn was of regional importance. He was known by many people, but in my home area. We exchanged emails and communicated in forums but never met.

Jim was a coworker of mine, known by few. I would see him every day at work and we helped each other at times.

What decreased in importance to the world in general, increased in importance to me specifically.

And as a final Cliff Note, all my blogger friends are very important to me.