Tuesday, September 23, 2008

From the Pressbox: Waynedale

This past Friday was homecoming at Waynedale High School and the Rittman faithful were the guests for their celebration.

The Rittman band was there to cheer on the "never say die" student athletes who suited up as members of the Rittman Fighting Indians football squad.

Before I go any farther I want to confess that I forgot the WIXYcam in my rush out of the house Friday evening.

The band gave their usual spectacular performance in front of packed home bleachers of somewhat unappreciative Waynedale fans. I however got both names right when I introduced the majorette feature, putting special emphesis on Aimee's name. There were a few of Waynedale's crowd that knew a good band performance and let us know with their polite applause.

"Can't Stop the Beat," Ode to a Refuse Container," and "Born to be Wild" were among the selections that were performed before our favorite student musicians yielded the field to the Waynedale Marching Band of Gold.

And our favorite student athletes are still looking for that elusive first win of the season as they went down 49-13 on Friday.

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Daisy said...

It's too bad the team didn't win, but it sounds like the band made up for it by entertaining the crowd with their music. :)