Friday, September 19, 2008

Now to Catch Up

First, I would like to thank everybody for all your kind comments yesterday. I knew I was going to have a rough time, but I didn't know how rough. When a younger sibling passes on, you get a look at your own mortality. And thinking about the fact that have I lost two siblings already, and they were both in their 40's had me thinking of how unfair life seems at times.

I guess tonight's "From the Pressbox" will be a "two fer," as I haven't written my review from last weekend's St. Vincent- St. Mary show. Tonight's game will be at Waynedale, in Applecreek. We also have a show in Lakewood tomorrow night.

To try to give myself a diversion this week, I purchased Mark Sanborn's latest book, The Encore Effect. Expect a review here in the very near future.

I also have some yardwork to do at the inlaw's home this weekend. Like us, they had some stray branches knocked off trees and some leaves blown off.


Daisy said...

Life does seem unfair sometimes, Cliff. We have a great deal of joy in our lives, though, and it helps to focus on that. It may not seem like it right now, but time does help heal sadness. Looking forward to the reviews! Have fun at the games.

WZZP said...

I would suggest stopping at D&S next to Waynedale, but I think they close at 5 or 6. I love salvage groceries!!! We bought some cheap Crystal Light two weeks ago. I have a D&S magnet on the chalkboard at school!!!

struke said...

Cliff...I hope you got to stop somewhere along the way to Waynedale to enjoy some good Amish eats.

Matthew Killough said...

i can not wait too see you're pics from Waynedale an the band shows ;*) i hope u put em up soon !!!

Liquid said...

I say, take those branches and make a little fire. It will warm your heart and your toes. Just as our sweet memories go. :)

Just a thought.