Tuesday, September 09, 2008

A few PK highlights

This past Friday my son, Adam(aka WIXYjr) and I went to the Wolstein center, in Cleveland. The attraction there was Promise Keepers. They have been to Cleveland 4 times. I have been at 3 of the conferences. This is Adam's second. It was at Adam's insistence we went. At first I balked because of missing a football game. I relented. I'm glad I went; otherwise I would have missed many tremendous blessings.

I did get to see a football player. The emcee for the event was retired New England Patriot Don Davis. He even showed off one of his two championship rings,as he figured folks in Cleveland never saw one(Cliff Note:Probably won't for awhile)

We were treated to a visit from no other than......John Morgan, who did a dead on impression of our commander in chief, whatsizname.

Although I didn't go to the football game, I did see people make very important decisions in huddles. Decisions that would have an important bearing on their lives.

In addition, I also got to see a band, the Promise band and worship leader Steven Newby. I promise in the next few days to give some of my impressions from Promise Keepers. Stay tuned over at Seek Him First.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good time!

Don't worry...there will be more games. I'm sure Wixyjr. was happy you went!


Daisy said...

I'm laughing at your foot note about the Cleveland football team--HA!

A friend my husband works with has attended the PK events in the past. He speaks highly of them as a worthwhile experience in spiritual growth.