Thursday, November 13, 2008

A good word for a change

On my way home from work, I decided to get Mrs74 some flowers. So it was on to the Evil Big Box Store(tm). On my way inside, I had noticed that the Salvation Army had kettles at each entrance. As we all know this year will be hard for many families this Christmas season, so I salute the folks at Walmart for their permission to have the bell ringers in front of their stores.

Now if we could get the Expect more. Pay less. people to allow it, it could help brighten the season for more that couldn't afford it otherwise.

Oh, Mrs74 appreciated the flowers.


HWHL said...

Thank you for bringing it up that the Big Red MegaBox doesn't allow the Salvation Army ringers. I had forgotten that and need to go in and make a fuss about that.

Squeaky wheel.

(And, for the record, it's very sweet that you bought flowers for Mrs.74.) :-)

coltfan said...

gonna be alot of bad christmas this year us bieng one . money tighter than I have ever seen , We haven't been able to get kids any gifts at all yet.And will be lucky if we can.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Very thoughtful of you to bring flowers...being a wife myself it never gets old or is unappreciated.
I agree about the kettle ringers. i love to see them and empty out my change purse. I love target, but don't like the fact that they banned the Salvation army. I don't get it.

Melanie said...

YOU are a GREAT husband!! :)

We will need your prayers this Christmas season. husband..hurt his back at work and has a bulging work for him. We do get workman's comp..but that is 2/3rd's of what we normally get. This should be a very interesting Christmas season. :) God will take care of us. :)

Jessica said...

I like this post. I love the bell ringers at Christmas and you are right. It's a shame that so many stores do not allow them to ring.

I never allowed my kids to pass a bell ringer without putting change into the kettle.

Pat Jenkins said...

as much as the shopping season has seemed to be excellerated so hasour bell ringers. i think we started seeing them in front of the stores a couple of weeks ago!