Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Great Poetry Read

This past Saturday, Kathy and I had the great pleasure of meeting Diane Ferri, of Coexist fame. She was reading from her Liquid Rubies chapbook on the patio of Visible Voice Bookstore in the Tremont neighborhood of Cleveland. Diane was one of several who read their works and by far, the best we heard that evening.

While we were waiting for the reading to begin(we arrived about 30 minutes early) I took a look around the store. This place is a book lover's paradise, especially if you would be interested in the history of the region. If you live in the area, you should check it out for yourself.
Visible Voice bookstore
1023 Kenilworth
Cleveland, Ohio 44113


WZZP said...

May I also suggest Horizontal Books on nearby West 25th Street near the Westside Market. A former student of my father is one of the owners.

50% off retail 1 book
60% off retail 2 books
70% off retail 3 books

And then you can go get a brat or gyro afterward at the market! Or get some blood tongue or pigs feet.

clean and crazy said...

when ever we are out and about traveling we always shop the locals, those stores are so much more interesting to go through beautiful post. how is the car issue?

Pat Jenkins said...

look at wixy and mrs. wixy gettin' all cultured on us!!!!

Margaret said...

Looks like a wonderful venue for an outdoor reading. Sounds like a good time.

Ben said...

Sounds like a good time. I love those local bookstores. And there's nothing wrong with a little "culcha".

Ms Hen said...

i've been on her blog the last couple of days... what a wonderful upbeat;spiritual and artistic blog (painting; poems; thoughts on books read). What a find. :)

Thanks Cliff for blogging about this fine lady's blog.

Diane Vogel Ferri said...

Well, I appreciate all that - but I've never quite seen my mouth take that particular shape!! :) I agree that Visible Voice is a terrific store and worth the trip. Thanks, Cliff.

Pat Jenkins said...

happy father's day wixy!!!!