Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday Musing: Procrastination and Organization

I am not very organized and I procrastinate quite a bit. Those are two very good reasons that I don't participate in things like A-Z Mondays and Weird Object Friday. I once participated in a Friday 55, but that was a special circumstance.

Lack of organization has gotten in the way of my not accomplishing much in life. It's been said that those who fail to plan, plan to fail. Because of my failing to plan, this person of otherwise above average intelligence, graduated in the bottom third of my high school class, didn't go to college, and didn't have the career in media that I wanted.

All you would need to do is look at all the books on my bookshelf that I haven't finished to realize how disorganized I am. I, of course, have much to blame my disorganization on. I blame it mostly on the one currently sitting at the keyboard.

Procrastination? I always wait until something happens in order to get something done. I have a panic attack every year when the quality audit comes up at work because I wait until the last minute to get essential things done. The past couple of years I have taken my tax information to my friend Jim, who has also become my CPA. I used to put that off indefinitely every year.

Too often procrastination has cost me a lot. Car repairs, overdraft charges, and some health issues have been the result of procrastination and lack of organization.

One reason I like reading the recovery bloggers is that in order for them to adequately follow the 12 steps, there has to be much organization. They have decided that they need to make a change in their life, NOW. There is no more time for them to procrastinate.

In 1971, George Allen was named the head coach of the Washington Redskins. He promptly traded away many draft picks in order to get older veterans. When asked why he was trading away the future for veterans toward the ends of their careers, he replied that the "future is now."

I write this post with me in mind. I hope that maybe I can jumpstart myself to post some podcasts and get my book together. I hope I can do the work I need in my house and possible make career moves that will make my life easier. I also hope I can make steps necessary to lose the weight I need to lose.


Next week: Are you a SNIOP?


Vertical Lines said...

WIXY, I too suffer from procrastination. I am not unorganized, but find that at times I am too organized which leads to some issues.

I need to take on the day more. I need stop putting things off. Time only gets shorter, and life keeps moving whether one moves or not.

This post was excellent, and you once again have given me some ideas to mull over. Have a blessed Sunday!

Mike Golch said...

I keep meaning to go to the procrastion you,I am unorganized and a packrat.

Pat Jenkins said...

wixy i wish you well in your new beginning!!!!... well done my friend!!!

Syd said...

I've always been an early bird on stuff. But lately I seem so busy that I run out of time. Life is full I guess.