Monday, June 15, 2009

Post one thousand

It was almost three years ago
When I started on this blog
Sometimes I write when things are clear
Other times in a fog

I told my friends all about
The things that I would write
Not knowing how they would react
When my words were in their sight

I'd post on things I would know
And just myself I'd be
I know about no one else
But the person that you see

I'd write about my favorite food
And students in the band
And sometimes when I feel real low
You'd come and give a hand

You come from all around the world
Big cities and small towns
Your comments serve to lift me up
Prevent so many frowns

I do so love to promote your work
Your posting is so grand
I couldn't have much better friends
You're best in all the land

My thousandth post is almost done
This poem's almost through
And if you wonder who this is for
You're reading this, it's you!

Cliff Note: Thank you for all you have done to help me get to 1000 posts. I hope to have all the friends I have, and some more, in the next three or so years as I work towards 2000.


WZZP said...

Happy 1000th post! I have read them all. Will keep on reading. God Bless.

J. Moses(Tri-State Media Watch Editor) said...

Happy 1,000 Cliff my friend! :-) Here's to 1,000 more!


Busy Bee Suz said...

Congrats Cliff. LOVE this poem a perfect tribute to 1000!

Mike Golch said...

Good for you making it to your 1,000th posting.

Syd said...

Good for you Cliff. Nice poem too.

Margaret said...

When I began to read your blog,
I joined in kind of late.
If I was forced to guess just when,
I'd say around #928.

You have a gift of caring words
Sometimes you post for fun.
I'm sure we'll all be back to read The post numbered 1001!

Ms Hen said...

Congratulation dear Cliff on this 1000 Post..
Please allow me to make this toast:

"Cliff you are a blogger so divine..
Glad you are a friend of all and mine.

You are there to celebrate our each and every good event..
And there to comfort us when we just need to vent.

Your faith in God is a beautiful thing you share..
And you are there to show all that you really do care..

We all feel the same way about you too.
And God says to love all and it is so very easy for us all to love you."

Betty Ann NYC.

(P.S. Margaret you inspired me.. to follow suit to rhythm for Cliff as he did in this post. thanks)

SandyCarlson said...

Congratulations on your 1000th post!

clean and crazy said...

this is great. thanks Cliff for being so positive even when
you are going through a tough time.
hugs and prayers and congratulations on 1000 it is an honor to know you and to be here for this read.

Shellmo said...

Happy 1000th post Wixy! Wow! That's a lot of writing! Glad to count you as a friend in blogosphere!

Jen said...

Woo Hoo
Woo Hoo
glad to know you too!

Congrats Cliff,
I'm glad I bumped into you early
on in my blog career,
other wise I don't know that I would have stuck around. You
showed me how to put it out there
and that there really are genuine
nice people out in blogville.

Pat Jenkins said...

well here's to mr. 1000!!! let's just hope the next 1000 are a heck of a lot better than the previous ones though!!...

74WIXYgrad said...

I try my hardest to be a friend through my blogging. My number one bit of advice to other bloggers is to be themselves and most of my adult life I've always been the nicest guy around. And having virtual friends like I have here is one of the best benefits of blogging.

Daisy said...

Congratulations on your 1,000th post, Cliff!