Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sample chapter of Big Chuck!

I received an email from Jane Lasser of Gray and Company, publishers of many titles pertaining to the Cleveland area. Jane wanted to make us aware of a sample chapter available online of the book Big Chuck!

I had reviewed the book in January but since then I have gotten some new friends here. A couple of these friends, Margaret and Ben, spent their college years in the area and doubtless spent some Friday nights watching Hoolihan and Big Chuck, or Big Chuck and Lil John.

And as I had mentioned in my review, I spent my high school years seeing Chuck and June Schodowski at various school functions as I attended Highland High School with Mike and Mark, their sons, and can attest to the fact that Big Chuck was as good a person in that setting as he was on the air.

So check out the sample chapter and then order the book. I know you'll want to have one of your own.

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Margaret said...

Thanks, Cliff. I'll check it out..