Monday, June 29, 2009

A little over the top

Sit down for this. I want to give some kudos to somebody at Clear Channel Cleveland.

As I was listening to the Lanigan and Malone show on WMJI/105.7, Jimmy Malone said something that made a lot of sense. He questioned whether it was appropriate for the House of Representatives to proclaim a moment of silence for Michael Jackson. He also said that it wasn't right for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to fly the U.S. flag at half staff.

I don't feel that I would be offending anyone by agreeing with Mr. Malone, pictured above. I feel bad for the family, but I don't feel that Michael Jackson should be deified.


Busy Bee Suz said...

He was an artist. An entertainer. That is what he brought to this world.
Geeze. Real hero's (soldiers, police, etc) die each day with NO fanfare.

Shellmo said...

I'm w/ Suz above. Soldiers, firefighters, missionaries - etc - seem more deserving.

Jen said...

I agree!!!!!!

clean and crazy said...

i cannot believe the house of reps is requesting a moment of silence. this is absolutely absurd.
the rock and roll hall of fame should have their own flag to fly at half staff, not the American flag.
does this mean the infomercial world is going to fly the American flag for Billy Mays!? what about Farrah Faucett, look i have always been a fan of micheal jackson, my sister more so, he was someone we grew up listening to. it was surreal to watch on the news and i felt my own mortality at the double loss that day, but i do not think this is something even mr. jackson would approve of.
with all the negative publicity he got in his last years and all the people branding him what they did, look i don't know either way if he did or did not do those things , why now is he considered to such an extreme honor.
his is a very sad situation, his life and now he will be remembered like elvis, another one of my favorites. it is kind of sick though, the same people who branded him in the news to be so bad, such a monster, those very same people are the first you see on the news exploiting his death and calling him a genius. completely flipping the script. thank you for posting about this.

Mike Golch said...

I'm with Mr Malone on this one.

Ben said...

Yes, MJ put out a lot of very popular music. So did a lot of others. I am not sure where you draw a line with popular entertainers - it's a slippery slope, as they say, and I think I would stay away from official government recognition - especially when the person being recognized led such an oddball, maybe criminal, life.

struke said...

I totally agree with Malone on this. Yes, yes, I know, Jackson supporters will say he was never found guilty of child molestation but then, why did he settle out of court in 1995 for a reported 20+ million dollars? The last time he made any noise musically, was when Scream and You Are Not Alone made the top 5 in 1995.

Regarding the amount of news coverage, I am probably in the minority who thinks the news coverage has not been overkill. For someone as bizarre and who made the news as often as he did, the coverage is right on.

Diane Vogel Ferri said...

Yes, that was my point. I guess I was a bit of a fan - but he should not be worshipped - that was a big part of his problem.

Savannah said...

Elvis Presley is worshiped, but then he is white. Like OJ, Michael was not found guilty of any wrong doing. Maybe because of his skin color, changing brown to white, that's what pissed white folks off. With OJ it was marrying a blue eyed blond hair woman.

I don't agree with someone because they have brown skin like me, and I don't disagree with someone because their skin color is pink, but I get so tired of all this ... oh well!

I don't know why I am responding to this, but my sister asked me to read to her from this blog, because the owner is a friend of hers, she said. I don't know any of you folks.